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Be Mine

Updated on February 8, 2010


As Valentine’s Day slowly creeps up many couples are wondering how they can manage to get that perfect gift and please their intended Valentine without possibly putting a deeper strain in their pockets.  Economically speaking each holiday becomes a burden to some because they are simply struggling and many are now unemployed. 

Valentine’s Day however, should be easy enough as long as you think ahead and plan for that special day to be just that, “special.”  All it takes is a little self planning.  A postcard filled with all the sentimental stuff you simply can’t come up with on your own, yet mean every word can run you between .99 cents to $3.99.  A box of chocolates whether it is a small box or the large one will also get high regards, but the one thing that may not cost you a thing is having that special person treated to breakfast in bed, a massage or even some much needed time to themselves.

This day is special for one reason and one reason only.  You love the person you’re with and you want him or her to know exactly how much.  Therefore, the first thing said that faithful morning should be “Happy Valentine’s Day and I love you.”  The rest of the day should be filled with the love you share and if you want to make things interesting you can do so by planting love notes throughout the house so they can be reminded how special they truly are throughout the day. 

As the evening strolls in you can either prepare dinner together, have a candlelit meal as a couple and top it off with a bubble bath and mutual massages to seal the evening off with a bang, if you have children try putting them to bed earlier than usual, and then set-off your romantic evening.  Remember the basic meaning of Valentine’s Day is “love.”  Let that romantic streak shine through, and focus on the happiness your intended brings into the relationship and you bring into theirs.  If you do this you can’t go wrong. 

Happy Valentine’s Day…


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