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Beach Wedding Ideas

Updated on June 26, 2011

Beach weddings are fun and exciting. However, it needs to be planned carefully to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you are a very busy person, a wedding planner will definitely help put everything together. However, if you want to plan the wedding yourself, this article can help you keep useful beach wedding ideas in mind.

Start by choosing the right beach location. Keep in mind that several factors in the venue will affect the mood of your wedding. Wind is one; beaches tend to be very windy. Thus, it is important that you choose a beach that does not get hit by wind directly. Consider the tide, the time of the wedding, the heat of the sun and possible weather change.

Image by {just jennifer}
Image by {just jennifer}

After choosing a venue, plan how you want the beach reception to look like. Ensure that you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guests. See to it that there is enough space as well. Plan the design elements that will go in the space. Decide how each table is going to look like as well.

You must also choose your wedding dress carefully. The dress you are going to wear has to be comfortable and must be easily managed in a beach setting. Short dresses are ideal for this theme but you can also wear long dresses as long as it is not too long. Forget about long trains as well.

Image by Andrea Peverali
Image by Andrea Peverali

Finalize the wedding favors. See to it that it is in line with the beach theme. If you plan to make them yourself, do it ahead of time. If not, order it online beforehand.

These beach wedding ideas will definitely help you with your wedding plans. Be sure to pay careful attention to important wedding details to ensure that the ceremony will go smoothly as planned.

Wedding Magazines

Beach Theme Wedding

You could get the theme off to a good start by putting a small amount of sand in each guest’s wedding invitation. Another idea is to have the invitations resemble a postcard with a photo of the bride and groom at the beach.

Beach Wedding Guestbook

This lovely guest book is made from all natural paper and comes artfully decorated with a variety of seashells. Personalize the couple's names and event date on the cover for a special touch. A gift box made from the same material is also included.

Seashell Wedding Guestbook

Beach Wedding Ideas - Your Comments

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  • Jen4Weddings profile image

    Jen4Weddings 8 years ago from Canada

    Beach Weddings are so wonderful. I like to read everything about them. Great hub, thanks for sharing.

  • agrande profile image

    agrande 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

    Having good beach wedding ideas will definetly make the ceremony run smoother. I suppose the worst thing would be if the planner reads the tide tables wrong and the tide comes in before the I do's.

  • profile image

    sylvana 8 years ago

    Aha! I see you have done this before!

  • profile image

    sylvana 8 years ago

    A very well laid out hub, well done Litany!