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Being Friends First is Possible in a Relationship

Updated on September 21, 2015

Some people say that when a guy likes a girl he asks her out right away. That is not always the truth.

Two people do not meet off the bat and automatically start dating. Sometimes it does happen and sometimes when it does happen it turns out to be not that great because you do not know that other person really that well. There is no trust and you cannot really be yourself around that other person.

Sometimes you could meet someone and they could be not your type. You could use every excuse in the book and avoid them at all cost. Then one day something will happen and you will find yourself falling in love with them.

Other times people could develop a friendship and they realize that later on they are better off as romantic partners. The guy may be scared to say something at first because he does not want to make things awkward or ruin the friendship.

You could be going out bar hopping every single week trying to find your prince charming with no luck. Then three years later it could turn out that your Barista could ask you out and he has been in your life this whole time.

You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. Sometimes people go their seperate ways and then if it is meant to be they come back. Sometimes people go their seperate ways a couple of times but when the timing is right they stay in each other's live.

Just because something is over does not mean that it is over for good. Just because something is not happening right now does not mean it never will happen. Do not focus on why what you want is not happening because you will stress yourself out and get anxiety.

Instead have faith that everything will all work out. You could even meet someone better down the road. You never know where the path you are on will lead. You never know when you will get that special text or who will contact you. Sometimes when you just let things fall into place you might be suprised and then you will wonder what you were so worried about.

Getting upset that what you want is not happening is not going to do you any good. You are only going to cause yourself stress and anxiety and it is not worth it. Why focus on what is going wrong when you could focus on what is going right? Sometimes things are just about timing.

Friends could be more. You never know what happens with friends. After all in a relationship your significant other should be your best friend. You should be able to tell each other everything and trust each other. You should not keep secrets from each other and be someone you are not. You should not walk on eggshells with each other. You should feel comfortable to disucss your feelings.

You never know what someone is feeling. Some guys are shy and insecure. They think that it will not work out with a girl or they are afraid of rejection. Not all guys are confident and outgoing. So do not cross a guy off your list just because nothing happened yet. Do not wait around but be open minded because you never know what the future could hold.

People who tell you that when a guy likes a girl he asks you out right away or it will never happen do not listen. They did not experience unbelievable moments in life and they do not have faith. They only go by the current situation. They are not open minded with what could happen. After all faith is believing that you will experience what you do not see.

If you have a friend who you like just relax because it could happen. Just becuse it did not happen yet does not mean it never will. You never know when it will. Live your life and let what is meant to happen will because God has a plan for you and God wants you to be happy. You could have the life you want and the person you want. It is possible do not let anyone tell you it is not.


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