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Being Moody and Temperamental

Updated on March 4, 2013

Photo of the day:

Word of the day:

Cantankerous - difficult to deal with; irritating

Spanish word of the day:

De humor cambiante - of changing humor or mood; moody

Fact of the day:

A Swedish study found that women may produce less seratonin, a chemical that induces pleasant feelings, than men. This means that women might be biologically programmed to be moodier, or gloomier, than men.

Quote of the day:

"If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other."

- Unknown

Rant of the day:

Wow, do I love that fact of the day. It explains, at least in part, why I have these random moments where I'm just a pain to be around. Right now, for instance.

I'm at work, being moody and temperamental. The guy next to me tries to start a conversation, I answer in monosyllables. Everyone in my area has a converation, I stare at my computer screen. Someone tries to help me, and tell me useful information regarding a work assignment, and I shut them down.

I am being such a bitch today.

If that's not enough, the guy I'm seeing works with me, and he keeps asking if I'm mad at him, or if something is wrong. And the sad thing is, nothing is wrong. I had a nice, productive morning. I'm eating my favorite poptarts at my desk, and I'm pretty much finished with all my assignments for the day. Seriously. Nothing is wrong. I'm just being a moody, temperamental, but still work appropriate, bitch.

We all have those days, don't we? Today is mine, and I'm going to try not to let it detrimentally affect my work, my friends, or my somewhat non-existent relationship. I hope you don't let days like this affect anything important, either. But even if you do, you can still do what I'm going to do tonight. Watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and eat a chocolate bar.

P.S. No. It is not that time of the month.


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