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Benefits, Advantages and Reasons for Living On Your Own

Updated on February 2, 2014

What if I don’t want to be alone?

There are many people out there who hate the thought of being alone, they see it as something terrifying, almost like a curse, thinking ‘what if something happens to me while I am on my own?'

After a while though this phase usually passes and they come to realise that while, yes there are downsides to being on your own, there are also a lot of upsides too!

Do whatever you want

As a single person you go where you want, when you want, and don’t have to answer to anyone.

Bought something expensive for yourself as a treat and are a couple on a tight budget? Chances are high that you are gonna get it when you get home! Single and do the same? It's more likely that only your bank manager will go mad about it!

No arguments at home

This doesn’t mean not arguing ever, you may argue with your friends or even strangers.

The thing here is that as a single person if you fall out with a friend, unless you share an apartment then you don’t have to go home to hear more about it. This is not the case if they are a spouse that you share an apartment or house with!

There’s nothing worse with being at home while you have an argument that’s still simmering in the background. If it was with a friend or girlfriend you didn’t live with, usually after a few hours you’d call up or go around and apologise, however, when you’re still in the house with them, there’s a hell of a lot of tension that you’re going to have to sit through.

It can be far cheaper

Two people usually means double the shopping. When you live alone you don’t have to budget in anywhere near the way you do as a couple.

So, yes living as a couple also does bring it’s own discounts but most often than not theres one partner who spends a lot more than the other on items that simply do not matter. Being on your own eliminates that issue entirely.

More space!

Men and women can both take up a room or two with personal items. I have a male friend who has an entire pool table take up what used to be a large open space and his wife is still seething 18 months later.

On the flip side (and probably revenge) his wife has turned a large room next to their bedroom into a walk in wardrobe! Being single you can fill up any rooms with whatever you like and not be as concerned with the space.

Peace and quiet

Usually in relationships or flat shares, there’s quite a lot of noise from different devices, conflicting radios and televisions, phones, computers, etc. When you live on your own you listen to what you want to or not. Hate that ticking clock? Get rid of it. Done.

These are just a few benefits and of course there are the opposites that are true as well. Hopefully if you came into this with a totally different opinion, then you are now able to find yourself thinking differently about it, even if only a little.


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    • newcalendar profile image

      newcalendar 5 years ago

      That's a good point, and to be honest I felt like writing a counter article to this one after publishing it. I just wanted to show that being on your own isn't something to be pitied if you can see the benefits of it too. A lot of people see it as some sort of curse.

    • AHale48 profile image

      AHale48 5 years ago from Somewhere in California!

      Being single or in a couple is no insurance for being happy. It depends on your attitude and how well you know yourself. It sounds as if you are happy with yourself. It takes a well adjusted person to not be lonely when you are alone. I am looking forward to it myself.