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Best Break Up Songs- Top Songs for the Broken Hearted

Updated on April 10, 2015
Breaking up is hard to do!
Breaking up is hard to do!

Breaking up with someone you once loved can be difficult and freeing at the same time. You might as well enjoy some great music while you are going through your emotions. Here is a compiled list of the top break up songs. The list included old favorites and new hits.

Listen to "Don't Speak"

# 25 Don't Speak

Artist: No Doubt

Released in 1996

"Don't Speak" is speaking of a relationship coming to an end and the other person just wants to stop pretending and let it go in silence, with no explanations.

Listen to "Cry Me A River"

# 24 Cry Me a River

Artist: Justin Timberlake

Released in 2002

"Cry Me A River" is about a relationship where the man is heartbroken by the fact that his lover has cheated on him and he has to end the relationship and move on.

Listen to "Somebody That I Used to Know"

# 23 Somebody That I Used to Know

Artist: Gotye

Released in 2011

"Somebody That I Used to Know" talks about a relationship that has ended and one partner in the relationship pretends like they don't even remember or know the other person. They are completely cut off.

Listen to "Breakeven"

# 22 Breakeven

Artist: The Script

Released in 2008

"Breakeven" talks about a relationship where one person moves on just fine, but the other is left hurting an alone.

Listen to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

# 21 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Artist: Taylor Swift

Released in 2012

"We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" talks about a female that has finally ended things and there is no way that she is ever getting back together with her partner. This is a fun and breezy break up song.

Listen to "Grenade"

# 20 Grenade

Artist: Bruno Mars

Released in 2010

"Grenade" is a heart wrenching song about a man that is in love with a woman who he knows doesn't love him like he loves her. The man has a compete and unrequited love for the woman but does not get the same love in return.

Listen to "Back for Good"

# 19 Back For Good

Artist: Take That

Released in 1995

"Back for Good" talks about a relationship that has ended but the male is missing the relationship and wishing he could get back what he lost. The male is willing to do anything to get his partner back for good.

Listen to "Always"

# 18 Always

Artist: Bon Jovi

Released in 1994

"Always" speaks about a man who is promising that he will always be there for his ex-lover even though they have gone their separate ways.

Listen to "I'm the Only One"

# 17 I'm The Only One

Artist: Melissa Etheridge

Released in 1993

"I'm the Only One" talks of a partner who wants to let their partner know that he/she will never find another love like theirs.

Listen to "Please Remember Me"

# 16 Please Remember Me

Artist: Tim McGraw

Released in 1999

"Please Remember Me" talks about a relationship that has ended and one partner hoping that the other will always remember them and never forget the love they had between them.

Listen to "I Can't Make You Love Me"

# 15 I Can't Make You Love Me

Artist: Bonnie Raitt

Released in 1991

"I Can't Make You Love Me" talks about the end of a relationship coming on the horizon, where one partner is in love but the other is not.

Listen to "It Must Have Been Love"

# 14 It Must Have Been Love

Artist: Roxette

Released in 1987

"It Must Have Been Love" talks about the end of a relationship and the emotions that occur after breaking up. The woman singing the song realizes that her feelings were much more deeper than she realized at the time.

Listen to "I Never Told You"

# 13 I Never Told You

Artist: Colbie Caillat

Released in 2010

"I Never Told You" talks about a past relationship, where one of the individuals wished they would have been more open and honest about their feelings before the relationship ended.

Listen to "Burn"

# 12 Burn

Artist: Usher

Released in 2004

"Burn" talks about a person in a relationship that is no longer happy with their partner. They still love their partner but it's time to move on. However, soon after moving on, the person regrets leaving the relationship.

Listen to "End of the Road"

# 11 End of the Road

Artist: Boys II Men

Released in 1991

"End of the Road" speaks of a man who he can't believe that his relationship is dead, because his partner promised forever. The gentleman refuses to let go and give up on his partner.

Listen to "These Arms of Mine"

# 10 These Arms of Mine

Artist: Otis Redding

Released in 1962

"These Arms of Mine" talks about yearning to have a lover back in their arms.

Listen to "The Scientist"

# 9 The Scientist

Artist: Coldplay

Released in 2002

"The Scientist" talks about a male who longs to go back in time to apologize and to regain the love he once had with a significant other.

Listen to "You Oughta Know"

# 8 You Oughta Know

Artist: Alanis Morissette

Released in 1995

This amped up rock song, has pure anger in it. A woman is upset that she has been dumped for an older version of herself and that the man made promises that he didn't keep.

Listen to "Tainted Love"

# 7 Tainted Love

Artist: Soft Cell

Released in 1981

"Tainted Love" was released prior to Soft Cell's version, however, it was Soft Cell's version that made the song a hit. "Tainted Love" talks about a relationship in which one person in the relationship is hurting the other. The hurt individual is forced to leave the relationship because they can't stand the pain anymore.

Listen to "Better in Time"

# 6 Better in Time

Artist: Leona Lewis

Released in 2007

"Better in Time" speaks of a woman who is having trouble forgetting about her ex, but she knows that with time, her heart will heal.

Listen to "Against All Odds"

# 5 Against All Odds

Artist: Phil Collins

Released in 1984

This power ballad begs the person's significant other to give the relationship a try even though they may face a lot of obstacles.

Listen to "Say Something"

# 4 Say Something

Artist: A Great Big World w/ Christina Aguilera

Released in 2013

"Say Something" is about an individual who is still very much in love with their partner but they must end the relationship for their own good, even though there is still a lot of love.

Listen to "I Wish it Would Rain"

# 3 I Wish it Would Rain

Artist: The Temptations

Released in 1967

Released by Motown Records this was one of the sadder songs that The Temptations released. It speaks of a man who has recently lost his love and he his brought to tears. But the stereotype that men aren't supposed to cry has him wishing it would rain.

Listen to Nothing Compares 2 U

# 2 Nothing Compares 2 U

Artist: Sinead O'Connor

Released in 1990

This song was a worldwide hit for Sinead O'Connor and was one of the 90's greatest songs. "Nothing Compares 2 U" speaks of a woman who has recently had a loved one end a relationship with her.

Listen to "I Will Survive"

# 1 I Will Survive

Artist: Gloria Gaynor

Released in 1978

Reached number 1 on the top one hundred Billboard charts in 1979. This is the epic break up song of all time. "I Will Survive" is the broken hearted' people's anthem. No matter how bad you are hurting right now, YOU WILL SURVIVE. Sing it Gloria!


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