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Best Cities for singles

Updated on April 4, 2011

Where do single people live or travel?

People are always in the search of something, it's in our nature and one of the things that we most like, want and need to pursue is love, a relationship, sex, the comfort of having someone besides us. If you live in a city where the dating scene is rather stale and you are single but you would like to feel again the warmth of a lover's body in your bed then you might want to take a trip or even move to another city, one of the exciting, best cities for singles.

America's top cities for singles

America is a dreamland for anything one might seek, and the world of unmarried people is quite large and diverse; ok I'm not talking about Minneapolis here..
New York is recommended by Forbes magazine for tourists who travel alone, as well as Los Angeles or Atlanta. Although it is an expensive city, New York is a Mecca for singles, because the possibilities are virtually endless: restaurants, parties, shops, clubs, art galleries, themed events and many more.

One of the options a single has are the themed events, especially organized for single people to meet someone. Those who are not interested in something like this but simply want to have fun, may take a tour of some of the clubs, bars, restaurants and other related places where the probability of meeting another single person is close to the maximum.

New York and San Francisco are in the list of destinations for singles that Travel& Leisure magazine recommended. The publication claims these cities are among the most attractive in terms of bars and nightlife. In New York there are the most stylish places.

Miami is a city that's also recommended by Travel & Leisure for singles. Attractive premises with a unique style and beautiful weather are just two of the qualities of this city. Also, Miami seems to be the 5th city in the U.S. where the practice of "sport" is very popular: to sit and watch the passers go by. It can be an interesting exercise for a tourist who wants to feel the pulse of the city or for a newcomer.

Another top city in United States regarded as one of the best cities for singles is Austin, Texas. It's high rating is based on the large number of people aged between 18 and 30 that do are not married, the generous expenses on alcohol purchased outside home, the popularity of social meetings in pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, the good weather.

Where to start if you're single in New York?

New York is a city with a great variety of things a single can do. Besides the obvious places where you could meet someone, meaning bars, restaurants, clubs there are some other social zones like gyms or fitness centers, yoga classes, dance classes.

You can also check a website where all special events for single are posted and you can find a lot of other ideas:

Some events designed for singles in New York sound like: Hot or Not Speed Dating, Singles Lingerie Party.

Dare to Dance Tango in Buenos Aires

Famous for its cultural offer, Buenos Aires is full of museums, cinemas, theaters and shows. You can view this dramas, musical comedies, revue shows, tango, and is one of the best cities for singles in South America. Today it registers 175 theaters and 200 cinemas . Tickets range from 6 to 10 pesos. These two branches of art are extremely important for those in Buenos Aires. Walk through the streets with bars that have tables out directly on the street, where all sorts of singers, tango dancers and mimes will entertain you.

Do not forget to taste the local specialties like Asado, locro, empanadas, Tamales,tortillas and tortas fritas of rescoldo. The streets are alive late into the night, even during the week. You can dance in the clubs until 6, 7 in the morning. Eat breakfast in a cafe before you go to bed. A room in a 3-star hotel will cost you 50 dollars per night.

So, if you're single the opportunity to find someone in Buenos Aires is huge.

Europe's best cities for singles

You are single and you want to travel to Europe or even think moving here, then you must know which are the best cities or spots that worth checking, as the dating scene is great.

Ibiza is the popular party island, known around the world for the massive amount of possibilities for having fun, dancing, drinking, having sex, or many other hedonist activities. It is located off the coast of sunny Spain and it is one of Europe's jewels in term of dating, loving, making friends, having fun. If you would like to live here, though, you should like freedom, have some money or don't bother getting a job on a beach bar. But, take notice that during winter it is not so alive.

Munchen, Germany is another must if you want to meet someone in Europe. Germany is a great country, with lots of young people who like to party and love; there are a lot of foreign students as Germany has many universities, and there are also a lot of tourists. If you'd like to move to Germany you should learn some german.
One of the best cities to trave if you're single and hope to find someone in the beautiful Germany is Munchen. It is packed bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, clubs, summer gardens during summer, of course. Here happens the annual beer event, Oktoberfest, famous for it's traditions, beer, people partying on the streets and possibilities to meet someone, of course.

Other great cities for singles in Europe: Amsterdam, Florence, Barcelona, Santorini Island


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