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Best Friends Join Forces To Get Hanson To Become Wedding Singers

Updated on August 6, 2012
Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson
Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson

Day 30 of the petition -Bishop is on the left, Douch on the right

Bishop's version of Penny and Me

Day 95 of their quest to get Hanson to play at Bishop's wedding - They are getting desperate here!

Everybody's heard MmmBop right? The days when that song debuted were crazy ones to say the least. The band who released it was made up of three brothers (some would call them the original Jonas Brothers) who were pretty young at the time. They became an instant sensation and MmmBop was played, I dare say, in all four corners of the earth.

From those days the band Hanson has continued to make music albums with such titles like Underneath and The Walk and most recently, Shout It Out (which is an excellent album if I may say so myself and the latest release off of that album, Give A Little is quite the catchy little tune). A great band like this has its loyal fan base of course and two of their fans recently decided to reach out to the guys and ask them for a favor. The thing is, it is sort of a huge favor.

James Bishop will be getting married on 28th July, 2012 to his lovely fiance Jennie. It is his one wish (well really I think he has more but this one is his priority right at this moment) to get Hanson (Isaac, Taylor and Zac) to come to England to play at his wedding. He, along with his friend Douch, have joined forces to try to get this dream to come true.

Hanson is his favorite band and so they are pulling out all their secret weapons. They have started a blog called Hansonatmywedding, a Facebook account called Hansonatmywedding, they have posted on Hanson's website itself (duh they are members!) and every day they post a new video on tumblr and you tube, pleading with Hanson to please play at the wedding!

They started their daily vlogging on the 16th of February and they are currently on day 461.They plan to keep at it until Hanson says yes. Some of these videos are quite hilarious and I believe it has to do with the deadly serious expressions these chaps have on their faces. They so earnestly want this to happen. (This date has passed since then and James and Jennie are now happily married - see below for more details!)

According to Bish (it is the nickname Douch calls him) the band is the most important part of the wedding. Then it is the groom. Ha! The bride-to-be ,who is also a Hanson fan, has no idea as yet what her intended is actually up to. He hopes to keep it a secret but I am puzzled as to how he will do that when they are virtually running around the entire internet spreading the news all around to make certain that the Hanson brothers find out. Hanson fans are 100% behind them as Bishop and Douch have also promised to get Hanson to live stream the band playing at the wedding on their official website.

Hopefully the song the bride and groom dance to will be Penny and Me and perhaps Taylor will substitute Penny with Jennie.

Having never heard of these two before, I have to say they really caught my attention and I have been checking to see their latest video asking Hanson to be the wedding singer. They seem to want it to happen so badly, I can't help but hope Hanson says yes.

On their page they have written that those who support their wish are welcome to make videos and what not appealing to Hanson to play at Bishop's wedding. They would love it if others got on the bandwagon and helped them convince Hanson that singing at the wedding will be one of the best things they have ever done.

To end I have to say just one more thing:

Hanson, if you are reading this - please play at Bishop's wedding!

Hanson's latest release from their album Shout It Out, called Give A Little

Day 56 - A closer look at Jennie. I said to myself that I wouldn't add any more videos but the guys keep posting such entertaining stuff !

Day 149 - Perfect Wedding Magazine printed the Guys' letter telling about their Hanson campgain

They Made Contact!

Hanson went to England for their Five For Five concert and there Bishop and Douch made contact with the band. For those of you who don't know, the Five For Five concert goes on for five nights and each night Hanson performs songs from an album. So five albums equal five nights!

Anyway, it was on the night when Hanson performed the music from their album Underneath ( Bishop and Douch love that album because on one of their videos they talk about the amount of times they listened to the tune called "Hey") and they were able to Shout It Out to Hanson - "Hey play at my wedding!" Taylor said that he was impressed by their videos and Zac waved to them. But Hanson are still holding out on that yes.....come on guys, play at their wedding already!


The guys have asked all those who support them, who are artists, if they could possibly provide or think of providing, art for the wedding tables. They have listed the items they want done on their tumblr page. They need twenty-six pieces in all and of course they are sort of weird paintings they are asking for. They want animals on things. For example they want a painting or sketch of a zebra on Zac Hanson, a beaver on a bicycle, a hippo on a house etc. etc. So far, I do not know if they have been getting much of a response so if there are any budding artists out there and you are really good with a pencil or paintbrush, why not give it a go and send the sketch to the lads. They say they will be eternally grateful. Will it get you an invite to the wedding? Honestly, I don't know.

They are also running a logo competiton and there is a prize of a phone call from Hanson. The competiton was supposed to be up at the end of August but the response has definitely been slow so they are extending it. If you have an idea for a logo, do send it to the guys and they may pick it (especially if it is the only one) and use it on the hansonatmywedding merchandise and stuff.

By the way, in case you are wondering, Hanson has not yet confirmed or denied their place at Bish's wedding so the plea is still out there - Hanson please play at the wedding!

The guys talk aboout Hanson and debate whether or not they will come to play at Bish's wedding as they stalk them on tour!Ha!

Day 373 of their campgain. I can't believe that Jennie still doesn't know. Come on guys, are you pulling our legs? Anway, Bish describes what a Douch Evening is

Update: Hanson Finally Replies To Bishop And Douch

Hanson has finally answered Bishop and Douch and the answer was disheartening to say the least. The band has said that they cannot perform for Bish's wedding as they are performing in their own concert that day and the guys cannot be in two places at once. It is safe to say that everyone, especially Bishop was bitterly disappointed. It would seem that all of his hard work, those many videos had gone to waste. But Bishop has said that he will continue the videos to the end. Poor, poor chap - he does look completely gutted as he says he is.

Bishop's Annocuncement Stating That Hanson Cannot Play At His Wedding - Day 457

Hanson Will Not Play At The Wedding But At The Honeymoon!

Yes, that is right - although Hanson had to turn down playing at Bishop's wedding, they have offered to play at their honeymoon. How is this possible you ask? Well, Hanson is having an exclusive concert in Jamaica for fans and they have offered Jennie and Bishop free tickets and accommodation to make up for not being able to play at the wedding.

The guys posted this video in response to Bishop's gazillion.

Hanson's Answer To Bishop - Hanson @ My Honeymoon

No longer gutted, here was Bishop's reaction!

This was great news and all who were rooting for Bishop are really happy at the turn out. Hanson will not play at his wedding but he got the next best thing! It is a happy ending to a great page turner.

But wait - there's more! On the 28th of July, as planned, James and Jennie tied the knot and Bishop surprised her with a video.

Jennie's reaction to the Hanson video

Jennie Gets introduced to Hanson and the fans - The day after the wedding


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