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Remember a Story, Best Kept Secret?...Enaid (Part Two)

Updated on April 7, 2022

The triangle...starring, Enaid.

google silhouette art utilized to identify Enaid
google silhouette art utilized to identify Enaid
google silhouette art used to represent Lawrence
google silhouette art used to represent Lawrence
google silhouette art utilized representing I
google silhouette art utilized representing I

The Ruthless One

Sitting alone, by the fireplace, Enaid looked ready for a date. Her hair was nicely pulled up in a twist with a pretty scarf that matched her sweater. She expertly had left tendrils of hair cascading over the sides. Her makeup was applied perfectly, softly accentuating yet subtle enough to appear like a natural glow. She was also wearing diamond ear-bobs. And, since it was Halloween the orange sweater she was wearing would indeed make an impact on the ’visitor’ she was obviously expecting. Very striking indeed! As she sat there perfectly at ease blowing smoke into the fireplace, I saw a slight nervous or surprise look in her eyes when I entered the door. The only lighting in the room was cast from a few candles and a magnificently carved pumpkin glowing which sat just beside her. But there was enough light for me to see that her brilliant blue eyes told a lie. The Enaid I know only puts effort into cleaning and making this sort of setting to accomplish a strong want and desire. The cast of manipulation! Lawrence, never had a chance. And, as much as her husband Louis knew of her talents to manipulate Enaid still worked him like a puppet.

These days, the only one she was having a difficult time with controlling and manipulating was me. There had only been a slight surprise in her eyes upon seeing me come through her door, but I caught it, I just wonder if he had time to alert her, blasted cell phones! Lawrence certainly would have had time to do so as I was on foot from his place. Intuitively, I made him take me with him. I just knew I had to show up! I sensed the reason he wanted to leave my house had something to do with her. For it made no sense, whatsoever, that he had to rush home immediately after finishing a nice meal I prepared for us, especially knowing that he and I had the night to ourselves. It is a well-known fact that my son spends every Halloween with his father. Upon entering his driveway I noticed that only a few lights were on at Louis and Enaid‘s. As Lawrence parked his truck Enaid’s porch-light shut off. A feeling, something like nausea, started coming over me and my heart began to race. I knew I was onto something. I remember thinking, “this is it I’m going to catch them!”


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