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Inspiration and Best Wedding Trends You Will See in 2017

Updated on May 5, 2017

Planning your wedding can be the most fun, and most stressful, event of your life so far. Here are some of the biggest trends for weddings in 2017. Read on to find a little inspiration for your special day's plans and see if these trends inspire you to make your wedding truly yours.

2 Big Decorating Trends

The colors for your wedding should speak to you on a personal level and will set the tone for the whole wedding. Two of the biggest trends are using dusty rose as part of the color theme and incorporating greenery as part of the decorations.

The greenery as table runners is an especially pretty way to bring the natural beauty inside to your reception tables or enhance the outdoor surroundings as part of your table settings. You can find many examples of different types of uses of greenery to inspire your decorating theme and the inclusion of dusty rose colors with that can make a beautiful setting for your wedding.

Location and Timing

While many people plan spring and summer weddings and winter weather certainly can be gorgeous the fall wedding is now one of the bigger trends for wedding timing. A fall wedding can be filled with natural colors and you can forget about the heat and humidity of a summer event.

If you are thinking about a destination wedding then consider the trend of a mountainside destination instead of the common beach wedding. A mountain wedding can create a stunning backdrop for the ceremony and your pictures will be filled with natural beauty. Look for a destination in the Pacific northwest or the Rocky mountains.

Food Trends

If you are looking to shake things up a little try using a modern take on the wedding menu. Two of the biggest trends in wedding food is gourmet style tacos, or taco bar, and using beer and sliders instead of cocktails and traditional hors d'oeuvres.

The beer is great served in smaller glasses and can include a variety of unique craft beers and lagers and paired with sliders in beef and/or chicken with fun and creative toppings. Your guests will enjoy these foods as a fun twist on the traditional wedding plate.

More Food & Drink Trends

Skip the formal bar and create a custom self serve bar for your signature cocktail blend or easy ways to serve beer and wine options. The self-serve makes the reception even more personal and allow your friends and family to create the exact drink they want to enjoy to celebrate you both.

Choosing to have a daytime wedding is also a big trend and when you choose that option you can change up the food menu to include fun and delicious brunch foods. Think about waffle sliders and great tasting bacon as part of your wedding menu. You can find some great inspiration for special and unique brunch foods all over the internet.

Drip Cakes

One of the biggest trends in cake design is the drip cake. This design can be done in every cake style you can imagine from gold, glitz and glamour to natural flowers and colors. You can also combine this trend with another popular option, the translucent frosting design and have a truly special and personal cake. A look around the internet will provide you a lot of beautiful options and inspiration cake designs. The drip cake is also great if you choose to do mini cakes for the tables rather than just one large cake!

Wedding Tattoo

You can follow the trend that Beyoncé and Jay-Z did and ink your commitment to one another with wedding ring tattoos or matching tattoos. There are so many beautiful design ideas available to inspire you on the internet.

A wedding tattoo is a modern way to show your love and commitment and if you forgo the expensive rings you can use that for the honeymoon or save it for your new married life.

Bride Designs

As a bride you can choose to enjoy one or both of the big design trends and those are statement earrings and off the shoulder dresses. The big statement earring is a stunning way to highlight your face and make a great focal point for wedding pictures. There are many designs to choose between from sparkling to feathers and everything in between. Don't be shy this is your day!

The second big trend is off the shoulder dresses. These can be done with or without sleeves and are a great way to look fabulous as you walk the aisle. In fact these designs are so popular that they search for them on Pinterest are up 158%. You combine this with statement earrings and you will create a unique look for yourself.

Make-up Trends

There are two big trends in bridal make-up that might inspire you. These include pink eyeshadow and berry lips. While most brides choose nude lips due to the all the kissing at a wedding the trend towards berry lips is bucking that idea. The search for berry instead of classic red is up about 90% on Pinterest as a wedding look.

The second look is pink eyeshadow that is expected to be seen on about 45% of brides this year. This is a subtle shadow look that is very flattering and can highlight your eyes well in the photos as an added bonus.

Bridal Hairstyles

After many years of complex hairstyles the trends this year are moving more towards simple, natural and comfortable. The number of searches for natural bridal hairstyles is up over 40% and the simple updo is very popular to show off those shoulders and earrings! There are many inspiring ideas for hairstyles available online to help you create a beautiful look for your day.

Bridal Party

Choosing the right outfits for the bridesmaids and groom are just as important is the right bridal dress to create the perfect event. A big trend for the groom is the blue suit instead of black or grey. There are different shades of blue that will look great and they can be combined in different ways to create the look you are both looking to have.

Another big trend is floral patterned bridesmaid dresses that can complement the bride in a unique way that is flattering for everyone. There are some great designs available for you choose from to have a lovely bridal party look.

Skipping the idea of a bridal party all together is also a popular option. This can be a great option to allow for many friends and family to have a special part of your wedding without "choosing" the bridal party and avoiding the added expense associated with that commitment. The no bridal party allows the two of you to have the focus on you and just enjoy your wedding.

At the end of the day never forget that your wedding is about the two of you and you should choose plans that fit your style, likes and lifestyle. There are many ways to plan a perfect wedding since perfect is different for everyone but hopefully you found a little inspiration or an idea or two to help you with your plans!


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