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Best gifts for your girl friend

Updated on August 23, 2016
photos of you two being together
photos of you two being together
Music CDs
Music CDs
Love letters
Love letters

The following gifts which I m going to mention are greatly adored by women and they are regarded invaluable by them.You may use these gift ideas to impress your loved ones this christmasAnother fascinating thing about them is that they are absolutely free.You may use these gift ideas to impress your loved ones this christmas.Some women may like only precious gifts but otherwise most women would love these.So men please read below to find more about the gifts..............


Love letters from their beloved are the best gift that a women can have.They are precious and they remind them of the love you show.All other catchy gifts may be visually impressive but the love letters can touch their heart.When old,these love letters remind them of you and your unchanging love for them.You may also give greeting cards with your love poems written on them.


Flowers are the symbol of romance.Even love starts with a rose.A boy proposing a girl mostly gives a rose and shows his love for her.So you can gift your girlfriend with Flowers.Most women like them.You yourself keeping the flower on her hair makes it more special.

PHOTOS of you and your girlfriend together can be made as an album and it will serve as a "love album" which will remind her of the loving moments with you.The album can be given as a gift along with a greeting card.Even after your death,the album would make her realize that you are with her and give her a happy moment when she sees them.

CDs containing her favourite songs can be given.The songs must be romantic and should make her feel that she is with you.You may also record your voice saying "I LOVE YOU" and your romantic description about her.You may also give her videos of you two being together.....

And finally remember that ,"The love you show to them is the real gift that a women can have"

So men don't waste money by searching for costly gifts.Just give them the love they need and the gifts which show your love.

Which of the following gifts would you like to give?

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    • fromheart profile image

      fromheart 5 years ago from India

      Any other gift suggestions..Please feel free to post here!