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Missing your Bestie or BFF

Updated on March 8, 2012

The good ol' days

Remember the days when you sit around with your best buddy (known as bestie or bff) and talk about what you wanted to do in the future. Or what it be like if you had lots of money. Or hit the lottery. When you could just sit back and have a drink and geek out. The person who knew you for who you was and all you could be. The one who always got your back no matter what time of day it is. Yes, the person you called or texted when life seemed to screw you over and they could relate or give you advice. Their now known as besties or bff's. I'm only using that term because that some of the cute names i heard called for your best friend. :)

When you lose your bestie

It can be super duper painful. You may not show it on the surface but the inside its like hot sauce inside your belly. Okay so you and bestie always got into arguments before right? But that never stopped you or that person from coming back to each other. So what went so wrong this time? Well there is a reasonable answer. You two have so much history that when that seemingly small in comparison argument happened all that history came with it. Creating a BOOM! So with all that in the way, feelings to sort, pride to swallow, apologies to be made, naturally neither one of you really want to do all that. Their is an old saying their is always two-sides to a coin. Their is two sides to the story, problem is for the longest time we can only see OUR side. So try to think about the good times you shared the next time you see them. Smile at them because chances are they miss you just as much maybe more. Yes it may seem like they have all this stuff going on but think who doesn't miss someone who been there for them? So just smile or say hello. Most importantly keep in mind that besties are rare and short supply you can have lots of friends but none maybe a bestie. :)

In closing

This was just a short to the point blog. A best friend is great to have we all need them at some point in our lives. So cherish your bestie or bff because you never know what will happen the next day. Or if you may never get the chance to be with them again. Besties are wonderful because the love is pure. Sometimes even more pure than families. So with that being said think to yourself is it really worth losing them over? Yes i may look like a fool but a foolish person is a person who blindly lets someone great to them get away without a trace. So be good and be good to each other because 20 years from now you don't know if they will be there or not. But you sure as hell want them too.


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    • profile image

      BriNna 3 years ago

      I miss my bestie she moved to Melbourne I been so sad for the last 10000 days I'll never forget her she will always be in my Heart forever I may never see her again :(