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Big Misunderstandings About Introverts

Updated on June 20, 2017

Being an introvert is boring.

Until now, one of the worst mistakes people make about introverts is thinking about them as boring creatures. “Why don't they say a word?” “What are they actually thinking?” seem to be common questions frequently asked by extroverts who have chances to communicate with those who are extremely introvertly thinkers.

An introvert can hardly know how big, plentiful, and beautiful an introvert’s inner world can be. It’s so much fun and colorful, without needing any help of others’ feelings and recognition. So, at least, telling them boring is not true. Some extroverts may even think that they are lucky not to be an introvert – like some of their weird friends. I have nothing to complain about those thoughts since they love themselves and love to be who they are, which is great. However, there is a high chance that they are missing one of the most interesting things in the world, which is feeling wide and colorful deep inside, by themselves. They, and introverts also, should learn to understand the other world so that they can get the most out of others’ good quality.

Mondo and Other Stories (Lũ Mục Đồng)

Mondo and Other Stories
Mondo and Other Stories

Beautiful stories about children and their not-really-happy lives, not to mention some miserable lives. There are so much obsession and thoughts remaining weeks long after I finished it. And I think that they will last for years long.

A boy and an old Vietnamese lady in her quiet and fairly garden, where he can temporally escape from the reality.

A group of children hanging and playing in the field, on the highland while taking of their goats. Situations and stories come and go leaving them in difficulty.


Introverts are anti-social weirdos.

Initially, I have to say that they are not anti-social weirdos. Some of them might act as if they were anti-social people, but deep down inside, they are acting and behaving totally essentially, not even caring about what “weirdo” means. Not to mention those meanings, like “weirdo”, are manipulated by the extrovert world. There is nothing wrong if an individual wants to live his or her life silently, privately, and even secretly. Everyone is a whole unique universe. Every difference should be respected, as long as it is not harmful to anyone.

The misunderstood thing here is that introverts’ wants and needs, most of the time, don't fit “normal” social requirements. They may want to do this, they may want to do that, and they simply make it real, don't give a care about what others think. Believe me or not, all most all introverts don't need any social recognition and approve. Why? Because they live most of the time in their inner world which is very important to them. They have to protect and keep it from strangers’ eyes. But don't worry. This doesn’t have to connote that other people cannot enter their world. When they realize that you have a nice intention or you are a like-mind one, the door (if any) will be opened to you. However, this surely takes time and requires patient.

Introverts usually admire those who are extroverts.

It can be said that those who are extroverts are living in this world just like the fishes are wriggling in water, which is sad. Our community, usually, is easy to accept extroverts’ qualities as the needed and qualified characteristics for most of the important positions. This, year in and year out, push those who have introvert feeling and thinking path away from possible chances and opportunities. It isn’t worth.

Moreover, introverts love to be in isolation most of the time, and they don't like talkative people. They find comfortable being alone. They even find extremely extroverts bordering sometimes. This eventually draws them down and keep them from good chances to connect as well as maintain a good relationship. Don’t get me wrong here. I don't mean those who are extroverts are talkative, even though some of them do. However, inner-thinkers prefer a silent and quite environment. They usually hate loquacious people because they are not like-mind people, and they are usually talking too much.

Introverts don’t have many friends.

Though introverts are reserved, they are not difficult to love. Though introverts were not born to talk, they are very good listeners. And everyone loves to be with a good listener. As a result, there are many introverts who have so many true friends. Even some others may not have many friends, but most of their friend will be really close and worthy ones. In general, friends are like books, you cannot read all kinds of books of the human being. You have to choose them wisely so that you don't waste your time and energy, at which introverts are master.

Added to that, there is one thing that is little known by many of you: Introverts are easy to recluse into a corner. People need to relax after a working day to recharge energy for coming days, including extroverts. This process is much more critical to introverts. To some of them, right after long hours being surrounded by strangers, they have to be alone, to recluse in one corner with their favorite activities and stuff. Otherwise, life is going to drag them down to the point of depression.

All things mentioned above are not to mean that introverts don't want to contact or communicate with others. They need to talk and communicate, like everyone else in this world.

The different thing is that they have their own method of conveying their thoughts and messages. And they also need to recharge in a different way in comparison with those who are out going.

When you listen carefully enough, you will be able to hear even the softest sound of any creature. And it’s not easy to keep silent in this noisy world. So, take time, be patient, and listen to become more understanding about those who are not talking much.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 9 months ago

      Most people could care less if someone is an introvert or extravert. We generally enjoy associating with likeminded people who behave similar to ourselves. Like attracts like....

      If there is an even where someone is a "wallflower" or sitting alone you might have a couple people greet them in passing.

      An exception might be if the introvert is extremely good looking.

      The mistake a lot of folks make is expecting the world to adapt to them. That's not how the world operates.

      Leaders take charge. Silence is usually ignored.

      Having said that I believe there are "strategic introverts" or those who can "turn it on" when they need to get what they want.

      Those are the type who are happy in their skin.

      However there are some introverts who (wish) they weren't.