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Body Language 101 *TIPS*

Updated on April 10, 2013

Body language is a form of none verbal communication using facial expression, body movements .. etc. And you know what they say.

Actions speak louder than words.

Personally I get to know more a lot about whoever I'm dealing with by reading their body language more than their words. I don't do it at a pro level. I'm no mentalist. But knowing some basics won't harm and maybe you'll like it and look it up reaching further levels of understanding body language.

Understanding body language is important, but never relay only on it to judge someone's actions. Some actions might be cause by health issues, habits or others.

Keep in mind that every single person has his/her own body language So this is like an approximately kind of approach. It's not the exact thing most of the times, just close enough.

Make sure not to stare while observing others actions. You'll just look like a weird freak like that.

You won't get it right at first, but practice makes perfect. At the end of this article I'll suggest a way to practice this efficiently.

So, let's talk about some of the body language basics and tips of how to translate actions into emotions.

  • The eyes:

Eyes can be considered as the gate of the soul. Eyes never lie. You can know so much about someone by just looking at their eyes whether it's sadness, happiness, sorrow, love, name it, whatever it is, it's in their eyes.

Eyes gaze:
Making eye contact usually means that person is showing interest in what you're saying and paying attention. Unless of course he's pissed, then you'll probably know that for sure after taking a punch. No talent needed in here :D

Breaking eye contact:
It usually means that person is bored, not interested, feeling insecure, uncomfortable and trying to conceal their real feelings. A lot of the times it means they're lying and trying to hide it not to be caught.
*Check Body Language .. Detect a lie for more info on how to detect a lie*

increased eye blinking indicates the person is stressed or uncomfortable ,and if it' your girlfriend then she's probably holding in her tears .. HUG HER MAN.

Size of the pupil:
While the size of the pupil is mainly controlled by light, it can be effected emotionally as well as it tends to increase in size while experiencing attraction to someone.

Looking down:
Shy and hiding their feelings. Some do it when they are upset and holding back what they feel while thinking of their next move. It basically means unpleasant how so ever.

Raised eyebrow:
They probably disagree with you and think you're a moron. haha :D

Lower eyebrows and narrow eyes:
Indicates the person is trying to grasp the meaning of what you're saying and is focused to your words paying his full attention.

  • The mouth:

Movements of the mouth is essential in body language reading. It's enough to say that "smiling" alone which is just one form of mouth movement, has several meanings. Happy, cocky, evil, fake, sarcastic .. and so on.

Lips licking:
When mixed with a stare towards you, it means that person likes you or is sexually interested in you. Or she's just having dry lips .. don't get too exited :P

Covering mouth:
It indicates shyness as in a girl laughing, or embarrassment like when yawning in a formal meeting.

Lips biting:
We all went through this during our finals. Yup of course. worried, anxious, or stressed.

Mouth movement:
Moving your mouth to the right means you're thinking of something.
Sucking it backwards means your holding in something you want to say .. probably an insult.
Moving it to the left means disappointment.

  • Arms and hands:

The more stiff ,fake and unnatural they move the more uncomfortable the person is.

Crossing arms:
Defensive, uncomfortable and self protective.

Hands behind back:
Usually means the person is anxious and bored ... in some case, angry.

Hands at the sides:
comfortable enough to let go and in control.

Tapping usually means nervous, stressed, even pissed ... anything far from calm and comfy.

Rubbing and touching self:
It means they are trying to comfort themselves which indicates the current situation isn't comfy enough for them and not pleasant.

Hair brush:
Brushing their hair means they like you and are interested in you.

  • Legs:

Tapping shaky legs
indicates the presence of stress and nervousness and the feeling of discomfort.

Crossed legs:
Insecurity and the need of privacy. Note that it as well can be just a habit.

While standing:
Some people tend to unconsciously direct their feet towards the person they like. Closed legs while standing gives the sense of submission or an attempt to show proper behavior.

Crossing ankles:
It usually means that person is at ease and comfort.

If the person touches the someone with their legs that obviously flirtation and you just got lucky buddy :D

There's a suggestion to craft your skills in reading body language which is watching movies and series on mute. With time you'll be used to translating people's action into emotions and get better in reading their body language.

Notice what your body language is saying. and you might give better signals in the future.

Never count on body language alone to judge someone. It's not that accurate as some actions might be caused by health problems or simply habits.

That's it ... have a nice day :))

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