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Body Shaming And Me

Updated on July 16, 2016

My Own

At a very young age, I was told I was too fat. Every day, of elementary school (But not every day beyond that. Most people can keep their mouths shut about it.)someone would say something about it. So naturally, I believed them. A whole school of kids can't be wrong?

Body shaming happened because I did not fit into a mold that society. Just the other day I wear my red shirt and someone called me a 'Stinky Red Tree.' My guess is that that person was not loved very much a child so they had to spread the hate.

However, my childhood was full of people who hated me for my body. But, I do not hate them.

Redirecting The Anger

I don't have a high stress level. But, for those that do I might suggest leaving the area.

I know the mean person should leave the area but they do not. Most mean people just care. They do care about themselves, so just get out of that situation before they want to face you with your problems.

As long as the person is only talking about the problem and not physically hurting anyone ... I would leave.

When Wait Staff Comments

If some wait staff would personal tell me that I am too fat. I would leave without paying and not eat a single bite of the meal.

For those that want to be nicer.

This is easy. Don't leave a tip. And, never come back.

I know that the staff spent time on the food. I just will not eat it. The waiter might have done something to the food, anyway.

I would make sure to tell family and friends to not return that restaurant. If they go their, it is their fault, not yours. You warned them.


Normally, I do not wear revealing clothing. I don't have much money for clothing, anyway.

For those that do have the money to wear clothing that is a little more risky ... I think it depends on the place that it is worn.

Skin tight clothing in cold weather is going to cause some alarm. I would hope that the person that wears this clothing in colder climate would be warned. Clothing should be climate oriented. Safety should be the first concern.

Wearing something that shows too much skin where I live out in public in normal weather might not be the right choice. I just don't see many people do it where I live. I have only noticed one lady that actually wore one .. that was this week. (But, seemed comfortable with the clothing. And, it was a nice fit for her.)

What Shaming Does

For me, it causes me to eat more. If someone would have never have shamed me in the first place, I might have weigh less.

I do wonder what it would be like if a lot of people would have kept their opinions to themselves. I am sure they would have gotten mad if I told them the same things they told me.

I think some people think fat or too thin is funny. They want to make fun of something that they do not understand.

Yes, people can be too thin. They try and try to gain weight but they still are a very low size. It is not their fault. However, some very skinny woman find themselves hiding their heads in shame as they go to the kids section for clothing.

The skinny people might have a lot more choices to choose from but they get pity stares from others.

Being too fat or too skinny is treated like a crime.


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    • DChance2 profile image

      DChance 18 months ago

      I liked what you said at the end of your comment.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 18 months ago

      "However, my childhood was full of people who hated me for my body."

      I seriously doubt people "hated you" because of what you looked like. Unfortunately most of us got "mad fun of", "teased", or "insulted" during our childhoods about one thing or another.

      Calling someone fat or Skinny Minnie, thunder thighs, or chicken legs, called "crater" for having skin problems, crossed eyes, bowl legs, big nose, flat chest, called pewee for being short or Lurch for being tall...etc

      No matter who you are odds are there was something about you that another person used to taunt or pick on you which you internalized for life.

      However they were never "emotionally invested" in you enough to hate you.

      In most instances you can go to a class reunion 10-20 years later and the "bully" doesn't even remember what they said or did to you!

      The same hold true for one's parent's who may have made an off the cuff comment that lasted for a moment but remained with you for a lifetime.

      The only way to experience true freedom is when (you stop caring) what other people think or say about you.

      The word "shaming" implies a person is agreement with the other persons observation of them. Can't nobody make you feel ashamed unless a part of you agrees with them that you should be ashamed.

      There are times where people complain about how others "look at them".

      Lets face it people are always going to form opinions about one another. Some will keep their thoughts private and others will vocalize them.

      Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself.

      On the other hand if (you) are unhappy with things in your life it's up to you to make changes. It's up to the individual to learn to love them self.

      If you love you no one can shame you!