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Bottle Beer Opener and Bang Olufsen - Simple Unique and Sexy Gift

Updated on June 27, 2020

People Love Bottle Opener Gift

What is the nice simple but meaningful gift for your friend and colleague? You want that simple gift able to be use, not expensive, and family loves it. I have done a simple research, I mean by asking many friends, and the conclusion is great.

Most of them agreed and acknowledge that Bottle Opener, beer opener, especially from Bang & Olufsen is simple gift that never rejected, but people forgot about it when choosing simple gift.

B&O bottle opener the most stolen!
B&O bottle opener the most stolen! | Source

Bottle opener like bier opener will be a fantastic simple gift if the opener has unique thing or sexy idea. Bottle opener collectors are usually hunting the Bang & Olufsen classical bottle opener. That opener is not for sale but as a souvenir within their product. Bang & Olufsen is a company that produces audio and video. But many people trade the opener in internet like e-bay, etc.

Engineer Holger Krogh made it in 1937 for office cafeteria/canteen. The bottle opener with B&O logo is always disappeared (stole) again and again. The company then decides to produce it massively and put it as souvenir in their product. Surprise! Costumers love it. B&O opener become legendary hunting by collector.

Bang & Olufsen Bottle Opener

The most wanted is Bang & Olufsen bottle opener that made by its company in Denmark. If you bought B&) audio and video, you will got your B&O opener souvenir. But remember there a note with it.

"We advise you to hang onto your new opener. It is the oldest, the most produced and the most stolen of all the bang & Olufsen products".


Take care your opener carefully, it is eye catching. ”the only Bang & Olufsen product that money really couldn't buy!”

But do not worry about B&O opener, there are many nice bottle opener out there now. You can choose the unique, naughty, and even sexy opener.

Funny bottle opener or beer opener
Funny bottle opener or beer opener | Source

Funny and Unique and Beer Opener

You can buy many types beer opener as simple and unique gift like ring things bottle opener, sandal, USB flash drive, baseball cap, credit card, key, skeleton, hammer, belt, crowbar, and many more.

If you have friend loves baseball, it is better you bought baseball cup bottle opener. If the person is beer heavy drinker, ring opener is one of the best choices. If for me, please bough opener with magnetic so I can put it at refrigerator door.

Some people use their teeth to opening a bottle, but it is better you use other teeth. It is more polite and funny.

Unique Beer bottle opener - Double opener
Unique Beer bottle opener - Double opener | Source

Sexy and Naughty Beer Opener

I will not explain to you about the type of sexy and naughty bottle or beer opener. It is a common secret, isn’t it? I am going to say some tips. Remember, just some person is ‘like’ to receive a sexy gift.

People likes the funny and unique gift, not a sexy or naughty. Maybe it is nice gift for young people, some people who collecting opener, etc. For husband, they afraid that wife will pinch him, aren’t they? Even though some of them love it.

Beer Case Opener. Great and Freak!
Beer Case Opener. Great and Freak! | Source

Tips: Bar or Party Lover Bottle Beer Opener

This is crazy but true. If you have friend owner of bar or crazy party lover, you need to buy opener gift beer case opener. It is freaking but able to open 24 beer bottle in once time. You need it for huge party, big celebration, or beer festival and national wedding (joke). Are you ready for big party?


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