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Breaking Away From Bad Friendships

Updated on February 24, 2014

In this world today it is hard to find good friends. Sometimes we become friends with people just to have friends. Sometimes the friends we think are good to us will turn on us and that is when the friendship has to end.

Friendship goes the same way for relationships. It is 50/50. A friendship will not work if someone is doing all the work. If you have a friend that you are always contacting and not contacting you, you have to end the friendship. No matter what the reason is a true friend will want to know how your day is and make plans with you. A true friend will not always cancel on you or limit your time together but always being busy. Even if they are busy they will set a day for you and enjoy the moment.

True friends don't yell at each other or start trouble. Yes friends fight but if you feel more frustrated than happy when you are with this friend, it may be time to end the friendship. True friends make each other happy and it comes easy. True friends are also not jealous of each other.

True friends will not tear you down. When you are happy about something they will be happy. A friend who says "I don't want to see you get dissapointed," is not a friend. They are acting protective but meanwhile they are filling you with self-doubt. If they dated their other friends ex that is also a red flag they will do it too you. Be careful how they act or what they say when you have a new guy they might seem happy for you but if they want to add him on Facebook, that's shady.

Most of the time we hang onto bad friendships because of memories and the length of time. We get so comfortable being around this person and we don't want to lose them. We think of the times when we would go out with them or have inside jokes and we don't want to throw it away.

It is not fun being alone but it is also not fun being around bad people. They will hurt you emotionally.

If you have a bad friendship maybe it is time to end it. Walk away, be nice but be distant. People come and go and in the future you will make new friends. In the meantime keep yourself busy and be your own best friend. Meet people and chose wisely who your friends are.

Have you ever made the choice to end a bad friendship?

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