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Breaking up awkwardly

Updated on March 22, 2018
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Breaking up awkwardly allows for more relationship issues. You need space and time for a new relationship, break up with an open mind.

Awkward breakups

Most awkward Breakups you have experienced

A break up is painful in whichever way you do it.

Breaking up is hard to do if you have any true emotions with your significant other.

It depends on how well you know that person or each other before a breakup.

To handle such fallout is one of the toughest, or can be the easiest for you.

Awkward breakups are not always handled with a graceful approach.

A breakup is heartbreaking and just awkward.

He dumped her or she dumped him is painful if you don't do it the right way.

You fail in your actions around that person and don't know what to do next.

The situation is uncomfortable and mixed emotions arise.

Breakups are experienced every day and no matter how good, or bad you feel about it.

There is nothing that can clear your mind of that moment.

Example of awkward breakups:

Imagine dating someone for three months and not knowing their name, and they end up breaking up with you, only because you didn't show any interest.

She cheated on him and they broke up.

The breakup got her angry, and for that reason she broke into his home and trashed the place. This woman destroyed everything he owned and liked.

She cut up the couch, blankets, broke up picture frames, books and other possessions.

When Jeanie found her live-in boyfriend with a seventeen year old girl on their couch loving each other, she was devastated. At three months pregnant and they lived together for two years.

That was an awkward breakup because Jeanie broke his face and threw him out.

After you sent your partner a birthday gift and not receiving anything in return he decides to delete you from social media and that was it.

A couple got into a fight, broke up, and he left her drunk at a party after the breakup. She had no idea of how drunk she was and had help from a friend to get home with a cab.

The ex left her at the party and didn't care of how she got home in that drunk state.

He broke up with her a week before their anniversary.

He didn't want to be with this girl anymore, and chose to break up when it suited him.

Acceptance is hard in that way too.

Awkward breakups are painful just a planed break up.

The way one chooses to break up is what affects the emotions of another.

One partner knows of the break up and the other has no clue that's what makes it awkward.

A year after they started dating he left and got married to someone else, and she only found out years later how he moved on so quickly.

You feel lost and speechless in such fall outs.

They lived together but had a few days in between for their own activities.

He talked to her a few times and then nothing for a couple of months.

She knew they had broken up but he wasn't confident enough to tell her that. Instead, he chose to not talk to her.

Some people are just weird and deal with breakups awkwardly.

Whether it is her fault, or his fault the blame is there and for that person.

In a relationship, blame is often the reason for a breakup.

In this case, he made her think she was going crazy.

As if she was paranoid.

He made her feel like she was a nutcase. They continued together in that way after he broke up with her in the need to have his space.

He was cheating on her and broke up awkwardly in making her feel she like she was going crazy, or out of her mind.

A breakup can be brutal or awkward.

You don't have to be a celebrity to have an awkward breakup, it happens to anyone, and at any time.

People move on and leave their partners in the dark until one day they come out with their craziness.

This happens to the best of friends or to people you know.

Couples say they love each other but in time you see the proven point.

You get the home wreckers, the disappearing acts, those who live double lives, psycho roommates, and the types that don't care for the feelings of others.

No matter how you choose to breakup at least have an heart in it.

Her boyfriend broke up with her and immediately started dating a girl from next door.

Breaking up is awkward and embarrassing for both people in a relationship.

This can happen in the presence of friends, family or when alone.

After a good evening together and then the next day you don't hear from that person.

Breaking up at your birthday party where everybody else gets to hear and see your situation.

Sometimes you don't even realize you are dating and you are told its over.

It makes you think what went wrong, and where did you go wrong. Be focused and observant when with him, or her.

There is nothing good about a break up, it just makes you feel at your worst.

You can break up with someone respectfully, well, that is what respectful people do, but rude people don't care how they approach their partners.

It is said directly, harshly, and with no respect.

The choice to break up with your partner is hurtful enough and to do it awkwardly is cruel.

You loved that person why would you want to hurt them after a break up?

Two people are not always perfect for each other. Along their paths they realize it is time to move on, and to find someone else for various reasons.

The problem arises when one of the partners doesn't accept the the break up. The idea to break up awkwardly comes to mind and the one receiving this news is hurt.

You can break up in the most respectful way and still be friends later.

it is wrong to avoid your partner before the break up.

That is where it all begins to go sour.

Conversations and accusations can easily cause a row between you.

Be able to chat about your final words.

Breaking up with a colleague is awkward.

The experience allows for a change. You don't feel good to still run into that colleague after a break up, especially when working in the same environment.

It depends on how you met your partner.

If you met online it will be a straight forward story. You could break up and never bother to contact each other again.

In person you need a different approach.

Dating is easy via text but not respectful.

Such as life, these experiences come to you.

One day you realize your partner is no good for you. It leads to less caring for one another, that don't care attitude of where they go and what they do slowly shows in you.

She had a one night stand while he was out of town with a sick family member.

It's anger, guilt and these unhappy moments such as these examples that destroys relationships.

Trust fades and people get bored of each other.

A break up is funny at times, and awkward but most of all painful and complicated.

How do you deal with such moments?

A break up is not usually planned properly.

One chooses to break up and blurts it out.

Two people are in a relationship so expect everything to work both ways.

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