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Updated on August 27, 2011

Talk about one of the worst shows on Television! Bridezillas! The name says it all!

These women are seriously insane and seriously disturbed. Five minutes into any episode I’m thinking, are these women nuts? Are these men nuts for wanting to marry these nuts? The women featured on this show don’t appreciate anything that is done or being done for them. They treat anyone and everything like crap and act like they have money tree out back that is constantly free! One thing I find extremely funny is the mere fact that all of these women view themselves as queens or princesses or heiresses to some empire. (Empire of Nuts).

These brides scream, yell, throw tantrums, they cry and insult and threaten everyone around them when there is the slightest hint of error in anything. Hello, life isn’t perfect. Didn’t anyone tell them this? They are the only ones that pity themselves but it’s so funny how they try to make those around them feel sorry for them. What kills me is that these brides often believe they are the most gorgeous women in the world. (I’d like to know what mirror they’re looking in!) They berate their bridesmaids from the style of their hair to their weight.

It amazes me that anyone would sit there and watch this. Talk about the supposed sanctity of marriage. I’m not surprised this show is still on TV. The fact that it’s been on as long as it has; shows us just how sad and pathetic so many of us in society. Who in their right mind could actually sit through an entire episode of this crap?


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