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Brunettes or Blonds

Updated on January 26, 2012


OK I am sure this has been asked or hub-ed before, well I just thought of asking this and writing about this a little. This includes females and males, does it matter, do you prefer a blond or brunette and why? Is their a difference in what color a persons hair is? or does it matter if they were born a brunette and now is a blond or vice-versa? Does this only effect the appearance of a person or does it go beyond what you physically see?

I must say that I have had my share of both and I don't know if it is because my boyfriend now is a blond but I find blonds to be more attractive. When I was a teenager I dated guys who didn't have any hair or had dark hair but, now I just don't find them to be as attractive as a blond hair dude! LOL. However for some reason blond guys and brunettes' just seem to be very different in the way they act, think and feel about certain things in life. Most of all the blond guys I have dated seem to be the same in that way and all the brunettes likewise but, not ever can I say that the two (blond and brunette) think or go about things the same as one another. I'm just saying for my "Experience" (for example) that blond guys I have dated are more materialistic than brunettes and brunettes are more sincere than the blond guys......

What do you think or what's your opinion?


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