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Creating A Christmas Wedding Decoration On A Budget

Updated on December 1, 2012

When you are working on a budget it's easy to stress about what sort of decorations you'll use at your wedding. The costs add up quickly, and soon it doesn't seem like there is enough money left over to decorate, especially when you are having a Christmas wedding. Not to worry though, you can create a Christmas wedding decoration for very little, or nothing at all. Each Christmas wedding decoration doesn't have to be store bought; in fact you'll save a lot of money if it isn't.

One really simple but cost effective way to decorate is with garland of any color. Garland can be purchased in bulk for very little money, and if its bunched, swagged, or arranged just so, it can be simply beautiful! If you can find garland in your wedding colors it will be a perfect Christmas decoration to pull your theme together without breaking the bank.

Garland can come lighted for a few dollars more and this is perfect for decorating walkways, staircases, or the perimeters of head tables. Garland is perfect for decorating on a budget because it easily gives a decorated feel, and can work alone or with other decorations.

Another simple way to decorate is with votive candles and holly. Holly is a traditionally tied to Christmas and arranging candles with a few holly leaves on reception tables, guest book tables, and other small surfaces that need to be decorated can be a cost effective Christmas wedding decoration.

Use what you have! When you are looking for a Christmas wedding decoration rummage through your decorations and the decorations of family members and see what you can come up with. Chances are, you'll have some great things to work with that you didn't even think of. Do you have a few plush Christmas toys? These can be placed strategically to decorate small spaces that aren't prominent, but still need to be decorated.

Altars can easily be decorated with three or four pots of poinsettias. If you buy tall mature ones you can get away with even less, which is good for the pocket book. Poinsettias always make a good Christmas wedding decoration because they are beautiful, but not too costly. These can be given away to members of the bridal party or the mothers of the bride and groom after the wedding, too.

If you have a collection of snowmen, Santa figurines, or something similar consider displaying these somehow. You can put them on tables as centerpieces to display something you love while creating a free Christmas wedding decoration. You can never get better than free, especially when it's something you love.

A trip through the craft store will give you some great Christmas wedding decoration ideas that you can put together yourself for very little. Things at these stores are amazing in their simplicity, beauty, and cost efficiency. So, if you are frazzled and don't know what to do, de-stress by taking a walk through a craft store! You're sure to leave with great ideas.


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