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Budget Friendly Wedding Ideas Using Monte Cassino Aster

Updated on December 14, 2011
Monte Cassino Aster
Monte Cassino Aster | Source

Needless to say that even if the couple wants to keep the wedding simple, they would still want the wedding to be beautiful. How many ways can we express simplicity with beauty? The ultimate example of this simple elegance is the Royal Wedding of William and Kate that took place in April 2011.

Aside from the colored uniforms that the men in the Royal Entourage wore, the color was purely white. Even the flowers that were sparingly displayed inside the church up to Kate's wedding bouquet were flowers all in white.

Translating this inspiration into your wedding already presents to you the white motif. With the wedding dress and the bride's entourage, that is a simple choice. But when it comes to the church and wedding reception decoration, white presents a constraint to your budget. There is a lot of choice and a lot of combination.

Eliminating choices and combination from the equation, we go down the road of selecting only one flower to use. A budget saving tip.

One flower? Is that possible?

One flower, a spray floret to be exact, has had little attention ever since. They are only used as fillers in bouquets and flower arrangements. This flower is the Monte Cassino Aster, commonly called Aster. In some countries, this is their version of Baby' s Breath. These are small, white and dense flower clusters. But unlike Baby's Breath, it has a yellow disk on its flower head. To know more about Monte Cassino Aster, read How to Grow Monte Cassino Aster.

Translating simple into "less complicated", Monte Cassino Aster is the best candidate. All by itself in clusters, unarrange, already gives a sight of delight. So it is very easy to decorate. When I say "easy to decorate", that means, it can pose as do-it-yourself. Another budget saving tip. How difficult is it to cluster the already clustered flowers?


Budget Saving Tip

1. Buying in Bulk. Buying flowers in bulk gives you the position to negotiate for the price. Since you will be buying only one flower, you can put as many as you like.

2. Do-It-Yourself. Monte Cassino Aster is very easy to arrange. No special combination or styling needed to do the trick. The only thing this flower needs is to be always hydrated to prevent from wilting. This is done by using a floral foam soaked in water and wrapped in plastic.

The wedding decorations in these pictures used solely Monte Cassino Aster in big bunches. Even in their solitary presence, it conveyed a very simple yet very elegant and beautiful church d├ęcor. These are even done without the exotic and sometime hard to find ornamental leaves.

Even sprawled on the floor or high on the pedestal, the "mass arrangement" technique is enough to achieve simple elegance. No more matchy-matchy combination of colors or balance.

In some countries, Monte Cassino Aster is not grown in large scale because these are only commonly used as fillers. Supply may pose as a problem. You need to confirm the supply from your local florist. If not, you have to request booking three to four months in advance. It takes that time to grow them into full bloom.


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