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Buisness For Women

Updated on April 11, 2013

Top 5 Home Based Businesses for women

Pakistani Women are believed to be a weaker sex. Most of the times women are underestimated and devalued by the opposite sex, but the fact is that the real back bone of a family is always a woman. They not only take care of their kids, husband, whole family, do house chores, but they also accomplish their professional jobs. If we compare the tasks performed and completed by a man and a woman, women are always doing multitasking, and most of the time, they are successful as well.

Many woman prefer to sat at home for a number of reasons. Usually, mothers with small kids have to stay at home to take good care of them, as raising kids is not an easy job. Many mothers leave their jobs voluntarily to stay at home, and put all their capabilities and efforts in bringing up kids and taking care of home. With the passage of time, when the busy hours are less than the spare time, such women may start feeling useless and depressed. If you are such a woman, and now you want something to get yourself some work and get paid, but at the same time you don't want to leave your home, you can adopt any career that doesn't demand you to go outside, or setup an office.

Home based businesses are becoming more and more popular in women. It can help you in earning good money while staying at home, and you can be available for family whenever needed. Before getting yourself into any business, you should:

  • know what is your core interest.
  • be aware of yourself, your skills, and your potential.

Some of the most common home based businesses for women are as follows:

  • Online Content Writing: Now days, online content writing could earn you good money. This could be a best job, as you don't have to travel, and you can use the traveling time in writing. You can use your spare time in this useful work. You don't need to have an academic qualification before applying to these jobs. If you have good communication skills, and you can write on a given topic, no one can stop you from adopting this career. You don't even have to invest anything in this career, as almost all houses have a computer and a good internet connection these days. Some of the online writing opportunities include:

Content Writing


Freelancing Writing

Technical Writing

Creative Writing

Data Recording

  • Day Care Center: This business has a wonderful scope. With such a high inflation, mostly, both the parents have to work, and the need of a day acre center is on its peek. If you love children, and you think that you have the patience to deal them, you should start a day care center at your home.
  • Catering: If you are a good cook, and you love cooking, you can start a catering business on a small scale. Start offering your services for parties, and occasions. You can also start delivering food at offices, as many people prefer to have home cooked food.
  • Make your Hobby your Business: Many women have a God gifted talent, like sewing, painting, sculpturing etc. You can start teaching your hobby to others, or you can put your products on an exhibition, or even sell them online.
  • Teaching Online: If you are an expert in a subject, or have enough qualifications, you can start teaching online.

There are many other options as well. The first thing you should do before adopting a career is to know your own interests.


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