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Busy as a Bee

Updated on March 14, 2010

Stop and Smell the flowers

For most of my life I have been an avid people watcher. Wow the body language and eye movement! Most have no idea how much they display about themselves and the entertainment that it has given me for so long. Often I have questioned why others are not seeing/reading what I am. Maybe they just could care less.. or maybe they are so busy being busy that they are so unaware of what is happening around them! Maybe just a lot of both...........

When I hold small get togethers at my home........I was busy the night before preparing the desserts and items that require more details and attention and the morning of preparing for the main dish and such, and ofcourse a straighten up the house and get me ready as well! Then the guest arrive and greeted and then it is time to start the grill or inhouse cook...........more......

After the meal we have to clean off the table just to fill it once again with dessert(s)

and make a small amount of small it is washin the dishes time!

Ok.I missed everything!! My eyes saw they they arrived.......on time......but all my favorite people watching skills ..........on my favorite people.....were almost completely lost in the process of serving lunch! I truly care about these persons in my home and very happy they were here. However if someone ask me how each one is or what they are doing....well I couldn't really tell you anything but " they came over and looked happy to be here"! Not my usual style.....I want to really know how they are and what they have been up to.

So to sum this up...................I was too busy being busy, to even observe body language much less a real conversation. Thank God that was just a few hours of my day..........but I know many that run the busy as a bee course almost 24/7 .

It is no wonder most people have no idea what is going on in the world around them....only to read about tragedy in the paper or on the computer. The phrase stop and smell the roses/coffee makes much sense to me!

If we were much more observant we might see the next "going postal" situation or someone having a stroke or heart attack. We might even see a precious moment in time where a child takes his first steps or utters his first words And it just might  be someones child that you know and love..or maybe just a sweet sight to bring you a smile!

Don't let life pass you by out and find happy and joyful times as well as being observant to the rest of the world and maybe just maybe you will see things within people that you just did not could be important....who knows?


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