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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring - Did I Get a Good Deal?

Updated on April 30, 2017
This is not my fiance and myself, nor this is the ring I bought. This is free-to-use image I found online for this article's esthetic purposes. My ring is sent for re-sizing, and I may take picture and upload it if I don't feel too lazy.
This is not my fiance and myself, nor this is the ring I bought. This is free-to-use image I found online for this article's esthetic purposes. My ring is sent for re-sizing, and I may take picture and upload it if I don't feel too lazy.


I'm a guy, and I hate shopping. When I go to a store, I pick up what I need, pay for it, and walk out. Today, I bought an engagement ring for my fiance-to-be and it wasn't simple as my usual shopping experience. It took long time to research what diamonds are good (and not out of my budget), what kind of metals I want, and so forth.

So for all guys out there who is having a hardtime deciding, I thought sharing my experience would be helpful. FYI, this isn't an article with all the information about rings, precious stones/metals, or getting the best deal. I'm simply sharing what I bought and how much I paid for it. Sometimes hearing other people's stories are very helpful. I think I got a really good deal for my ring, so you can compare your ring/price, and see if you got a decent deal, too! And if you are a jewler or another savvy buyer who thinks I got a good deal (or ripped off), please share your thoughts so others reading this article can know as well.

Where I Bought the Ring

I bought my ring at Kay Jewelers Outlet at Seattle Premium Outlets. I went here because when I researched rings last year I found prices here to be good. There were only two jewelers in this outlet location (Kay and Zales) and I came determined to walk out with a ring. Althought it is a outlet location, for warranty and other servicing, you can go to any regular Kay or Weisberg Jewelers (they are the same company).

Kay Jewelers Outlet at Seattle Premium Outlet

Different Types of Diamond Cut


What I Bought

To start, here is what I bought: Round Cut Diamond Platinum Solitaire Ring. I know that's a mouthful. Let me break it down for you:

  • Round Cut: This is the shape of the diamond. Other cuts I've heard of are: Marquise, Heart-shaped, Princess, Cushion, Emerald, Square Emerald, Radiant, Pear, Oval.
  • Platinum: Type of precious metal used.
  • Solitaire: This is type of setting, how your diamond sits on the ring. For more information, read: What You Need to Know About Settings For Engagement Rings

When buying a diamond ring, there are two types: Certified and Non-Certified. Certified diamonds come with a certificate that rates the specification of the diamond. Non-Certified rings are cheaper, but you won't know the specifications of the diamond. I bought a certified diamond.

Now, here's what I bought:

  • Shape/Cut: Round Brilliant
  • Measurements: 5.00-4.98 x 3.10 MM
  • Weight: 0.46 CT (S)
  • Color: COLORLESS (F)
  • Clarity: VVS2
  • Polish/Symmetry: GOOD/GOOD
  • Treatment: NONE

Ian the manager told me that he's worked in three jewlers so far (Fred Meyer, Zales, and Kay) but he had never seen a diamond with clarity of VVS2 in store. I'm no expert, but when I compared it with other diamonds priced at $5,000 or more, my diamond looked better under the lense they use to see the diamond. And when I went to Zales, I coudn't find a similar one.

But to my despair, while researching to write this article, I found out that GSI isn't the best company that out there that certifies diamonds. I've read GIA or AGS are the best certifying companies. But hell, my diamond looked awesome and I'm keeping it. If you want to read more about diamond certification, read: Diamond Certification: A Complete Guide

How Much I Paid

Retail Price
$450 (15%)
Sales Tax
$247.42 (WA State 8.9%)
How much I paid on 2017-4-29 with credit card

Payment Options

Kay offered me in-store 1-year 0% financing with 20% down. They told me that I have to pay the 20% within 30 days. But I didn't want a credit pull so I paid with a credit card because I knew I can paid it off without interest anyways. And I get 2% cashback with my credit card for all my purchases!

Return Policy

For Kay, 30-day money back return and 90-day exchange policy. After that, you can upgrade your ring and they will give you a store credit equal to your purchase price.


In the end, shop around and buy the best ring you can that is within your budget. I spent $3,000 ring, but don't feel bad if you are buying something less. Maybe you will get better deal or are happy with a ring that is priced at lower price.

I'm not a millionaire, but even if I am, I wouldn't spend tens and thousands dollars on a ring. And my fiance would think the same too. For me, an engagement ring only has sentimental value once it is accepted and worn by the loved one. Why wear a ring that is worth someone's salary? If you are trying to put a that expensive thing on your woman's finger, you should get a pair of bodyguards for her too. I've been around rought neighborhoods and some guys like cutting or ripping fingers with expensive jewelery right off women's hands.

So don't fall for jewelers trying to make you feel bad if you are not getting the most expensive ring. If your woman really loves you, she will be happy with whatever you get her.

Leave me comments on what you think, and how we can improve this article together. If I sound/am stupid, I would like to know, too ;)

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