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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Lovey-Dovey

Updated on May 20, 2017

Buying a diamond engagement ring can be one of the most excited as well as one of the scariest activities you’ll ever experience. Wonder if you get the ring size wrong? Or what if she doesn’t like the quality or appearance of the ring?

The biggest mistake many men make is to go ahead and purchase the ring without having any of the above questions answered. As a result, they may face a sense of disappointment when the ring doesn’t quiet resonate with their fiancé. She might not say anything, but if the ring is less than what she expected, you may not see the appreciation that you had hoped for.

“It’s the thought that counts.” You may have heard this saying many times, but don’t assume that that is the cause with the woman you adore. One of my biggest mistakes was to embrace the thought as the truth of my situation. However, I found out the hard way when I immediately sensed the disappointment of a broken expectation. Everything about the ring was way too small.

What to Know When Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring

If you desire to get the right diamond engagement ring for the one you love, you must consider a variety of things, including the diamond she's most likely crazy about, the quality of the diamond and the certification of the ring.

One way to get an idea of the type of diamond engagement ring your lovey-dovey desires is to just pay attention. If your girlfriend runs into a diamond retail store while both of you are walking through a shopping mall, pay attention to what she says and how she acts when viewing rings.

What type of diamond ring does she usually try on? Is she interesting in a solitaire or vintage ring or a specific brand? What’s her ring size? According to the Blue Nile, the largest online jewelry retailer on the planet, the most common ring sizes for women range from 5 to 7, with 6 being the most sort after.

Once again, pay attention whenever your girlfriend looks at diamonds, whether it is in a shopping mall or while browsing on the internet.

Understanding the 4C’s of a Quality diamond

It should be considered a crime to buy a diamond ring without understanding the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.


The cut refers to the sparkle of the diamond. The more sophisticated the cut, the more brilliant the sparkle will be.


Color refers to the color in the ring. The odd thing is that the less color you see in the diamond, the greater the diamond. A completely colorless diamond will be of the highest quality.


The amount of clarity in a diamond depends on the number of small imperfection within it. Clarity can only be done via microscope. The fewer imperfections discovered within the diamond, the greater the clarity of the ring.

Getting the Size Right

Do You Know the Right Ring Size of Your Lovey-Dovey?

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If you want to know the weight of a diamond, consider its carat. The bigger the carat, the more pricey and rare the diamond will be.

When it comes to making the right choice, the knowledge of the 4 C’s will undoubtedly help you select the right diamond engagement ring for your lovey-dovey.

Selecting Certified Diamond

Selecting a certified diamond ensures that you have chosen quality. For a diamond to be certified, it must go through an intense quality process designed by gemologists. They evaluate, measure and scrutinize the diamond. Using a variety of tools, including microscopes, a jeweler’s loop, and a masterful eye, a team of gemologist will appraise the brilliant rock and then create a quality diamond certification.

Avoid purchasing a diamond engagement ring without looking at the certification which proves that the ring has been through a rigorous process that insures quality.

Bottom Line

Selecting a diamond engagement ring for your lovey-dovey is far easier when you understand the technology of the precious, sparkling rocks. Knowing what your future wife desires in an engagement ring will go a long way in helping you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong ring.

Paying attention to your mate’s verbal and nonverbal expressions will give you an indication of what type of ring she desires. So, you must be very observant until you get ready to purchase the ring and ask the big and most popular question: Will You Marry Me.


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