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CBB Winston

Updated on January 20, 2016



The new Mayor of London??

I was having lovely night on the settee with my mum watching Celebrity Big brother (UK) the other night, when I heard something that I actually thought I mis-heard or maybe even imagined.

Winston (the man who wants to be elected as London's new Mayor) said that he compares Gay couples adopting children with child abuse.

Some of you may have read my profile, and spotted that I am male to female transgender and being transgender and having predominantly gay friends – some of those are parents – it gave me a real sense of anger. So much so that I had to leave the room. I refuse to support his endeavours on the show and for as long as he is on there I won't be watching. (p.s he got evicted the same night) I cannot support someone with such outdated and offensive views.

We all know there are homophobic people in the world, we all know that not everyone is comfortable with the LGBT community for various reasons, but to suggest a comment like that on national television in front of millions of people is a step too far.

There are currently two gay men in the Big brother house who were – for obvious reasons – looking very uncomfortable and upset with the whole revelation, and situation as a whole. And in a weird twist of fate after this revelation, one of them (John) was voting to give Winston his suitcase back. The man who had just been so abhorrent and prejudice to him as part of who he is, and returns with such a kind gesture.

Well it's the thought that counts because the others wanted nothing to do with Winston and he didn't get his case back.

I know many LGBT parents who have either had children with the help of a donor, or have adopted or who foster, and all of them are brilliant parents.

Winston claims it's cruel (or in line with child abuse) because the children don't have a choice, but what's really cruel is that a child is ever put into care by anyone - and why should a innocent child be denied a loving home? A roof over their head? Food on the table? And a parent or parents who love them unconditionally? They shouldn't be denied that – no one should for that matter.


The Original Article

Here is the link to the original article where Winston made his original (and apparently one of many) statements.

Personal 'bugbear'

I have a personal bugbear with children who are just “dumped” because I was one of those children once upon a time and whilst luckily I was brought up by my grandmother, and now I'm old enough I understand the circumstances in which I was – abandoned – me and my mother have a good relationship but things could have been far worse, and I think a LGBT couple adopting me would've been a life saver just as much as a heterosexual couple would have been, if I was ever put into a care home for fostering or adoption.

(SIDE NOTE: I completely understand that some children are put into care through no fault of the parents own, as a last resort or for the protection of the child [ which is a whole different story, and the reason I went to live with my grandmother at 18 months old ] and I do have exceptions to my own personal beliefs why a child may have to be put into the care system, even though I'd rather it be avoided. Obviously my own personal experience of being brought by someone else other than my mother gives me a slight reserved feeling on the care system, and I do keep an avid interest in the social care sector in the UK)

Does a child need a mother and a father? – no – Does a child need male and female influences? – probably – Is a child being neglected if they are only brought up around only men or women? – most certainly not. The chances of that happening are slim anyway, as the majority of us all have male and female friends that we are close to, and most of us also have mothers and fathers. There is no lack of male or female influences for a child being brought up by an gay or lesbian couple, and the people that insist that a child NEEDS a mother and a father really get on my nerves.... personal view obviously.

I have been contributing my tiny bit towards LGBT rights since I was 18 and it became important to me, when I realized that it was important to stand up for us as a whole and that for any improvement to be made, I needed to try and do something about it, rather than being naive and thinking everything will improve by itself and whilst I know I won't have made much of an impact – yet – at least I can go to my death bed when the time comes and say that 'at least I tried to make a difference'.

In summary

In summary, I do not hate Winston, nor do I hate homophobic or transphobic people, what I hate is the idea that we're living in 2015 and there's still this negativity towards being any different from “normal” or societies, norm. I want to celebrate in everyone's differences, whether they be LGBT or not. As the saying goes, “if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place” and there is so much truth to that quote.

A place like here or Hubpages itself is brilliant because we can share each other's individual style, lives, personalities almost, all through the blogs that come up on here. If we weren't all different would a place like this online space even exist? Would anyone even read a blog? I don't think we would.

So there are my view, I think I've said quite enough on the subject for one post. I hope you are all well.

Take care.

Jamie-Leigh x x x

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