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Brides-to-Be: When It Comes To Wedding Makeup, Camera-Ready Is the ONLY Option!

Updated on December 9, 2015

Camera-Ready Makeup: A Bride-To-Be's Only Option

Makeup is critical to achieving wedding-day beauty and even more important when it comes to a bride’s photos and video. Famed photojournalist, Denis Reggie, who shot John Kennedy Jr.’s wedding to Carolyn Bessette, stresses the importance of properly applied make-up to even skin tones and to avoid photo re-touching after the fact, which can cost a bride and groom hundreds of dollars.

Camera-ready makeup only!
Camera-ready makeup only!

What Is Camera-Ready Makeup?

Camera-ready make-up refers to make-up that photographs well. Shimmer is not camera friendly and neither is “shine,” so keep the powder handy.

Camera-ready make-up is yellow based. Yellow blends best with skin tones. Make-up that is “pink” based, on the other hand, will maximize splotches and discolored areas of the skin.

Camera-ready make-up does not draw attention to itself. For example, you should not use green, purple, or blue eye-shadows to accent your eyes because they stand on their own and draw attention to themselves. You should use colors like taupe and grey and soft brown, which lend to the eye’s natural beauty.

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Keep the powder handy!
Keep the powder handy!
Keep the powder handy!

Camera-Ready Makeup Is the Answer!

Always use yellow-based products that blend best with skin tones, for foundation as well as blush and powder. Ask your cosmetician about the products you select. Make sure they're yellow based. He/she will know.

Use eye-shadows that accentuate the eyes and add to their beauty like soft browns, taupe, and grey. Stay away from colors that draw attention to themselves like green, blue and purple.

NOTE: Keep the powder handy throughout the wedding and reception and use it often. Shine does not photograph well and is the cause for most re-touching. It's not even a bad idea to use some on the groom, before the ceremony and aferward!


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