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The Cheaters

Updated on September 8, 2011

Can you do the judgement?

Ben and Moore are best of friends since childhood. They were almost like brothers. Since, grade school, Ben was already in loved with Amy. It was Moore who helped Ben to catch Amy's heart. After so many years of courtship, Amy gave her yes to Ben. College days came and the three of them still stuck together. They all decided to go to the states to pursue their studies. Moore, being not able to be supported by his parents worked for his self. Amy and Ben finished the studies first. They both were able to get jobs while Moore was still studying.

After a few years, Amy got a bad news. Her mother got sick and she was asked to go back home to take care of her mother personally.

"Ben, I need to go home. Mom, needs me now. She's so sick and I don't want to lose her while I'm here." Amy said to Ben.

"Do you really have to?" Ben replied. "If so, then go. But you have to promise me that you will be waiting for me there. I'll stay here longer to earn enough money for our wedding."

"I promise Ben. Please don't take so long." Begged Amy.

"I promise."

When Amy left, it was only Ben and Moore. Ben was still working hard while Moore's not yet finished with his degree. Ben regularly communicated with Amy. Every day, they talk over the phone or internet. Still, the three of them were still in touch, until one day...

"Ben, I no longer afford to support my needs and studies here. I need to go back home. Maybe I'll go find a part time job there while I'm still studying." Moore said to Ben.

"Bro, I can help you. If you want, you can find a part time job and I'll provide your other needs."

"No, Ben. You've done so many things for me and I can't take it anymore. This is too much. I'm already decided. Nothing can change that."

"If you are decided, then, what can I do. But Moore, can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure Ben, anything."

"Will you take care of Amy while I'm still here?"

"I will, Ben. I promise."

Moore left and Ben was left alone. Time passed and he and Amy still had good communication, until one day, he had not heard from Amy anymore. He could still contact Moore but so seldom because Moore was so busy. Ben did not stop calling every one who knows Amy...

Ring... ring... ring...

"Hello, may talk to Sam?" Said Ben on the line. Sam is Amy's brother-in-law who, coincidentally, his friend from high school.

"Yes speaking." Answered Sam.

"Sam, bro, I'm so glad I got your number. I saw your profile on facebook and took the number posted there! Sam, friend, I really need your help. It's been so long since the last time I talked to Amy. Do you got news about her? I miss her so much and I'm bothered about her."

"Ben, haven't you heard the news? Amy got a baby now."

Tick.. tick.. tick.. Seconds passed and Ben no longer spoke. Sam, hung up the phone.

Tick.. tick.. tick.. was all Ben was hearing.

The Confirmation

After few more months, Ben, one day, got the chance to talk to Amy.

"Ben, I adopted a baby. My friend got pregnant but she couldn't raise the baby so I decided to adopt it."

Ben got all the relief he needed. What he thought about Amy having a baby was not like it was. So, he went back home and went first straight to Moore.

Knock.. knock.. knock... Moore opened the door.

"Moore, brother! I'm so glad I found you here! It's been a long time since we talked."

Moore was shocked. It was not what Ben was expecting from Moore, but he still hugged his one and only friend, or... BROTHER.

"B-ben.. I'm glad you're back, finally. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.." Moore busted into tears. He couldn't speak.

"Oh, come on, Moore, what's the matter. Is there something I can do to be of help?"

"No Ben, nothing.. Just please tell me you're forgiving me."

"Forgive you for what?"

"...f-for getting Amy p-pregnant. She got a child now and that baby's mine."

Ben hit Moore while Moore did not move a single act. He let Ben hit him continuously. After that, he not heard from Ben. He wanted to ask for forgiveness. The thing Ben could impossibly give.

The side of the story: MOORE

When I got back home, I spent time looking after Amy, making sure she's okay as what I promised Ben I would do. When Amy's mother died, she was always sad and almost got sick, too. I was bothered that when Amy gets sick, Ben would be mad at me. I did all that I could to cheer Amy up.

"Ams, let's go out. Sally and others are inviting us to go to Ding's place to celebrate Ding and Sol's anniversary. Let's come."

"Okay, Moore, I'll go with you."

While we're there, I did not expect I would drink too much as well as Amy. She was so drunk so I decided to send her home. When we got to their house, no one was around. Her sister and her family slept over Sam's relatives. Amy got no key.

I brought Amy to my apartment and there happened the biggest mistake we ever committed. What triggers the guilt more is the fact that Amy, being engaged with Ben for so many years, was still a virgin when we did it. Amy got pregnant and gave birth to the baby. We never discussed to each other about it. She had no feelings for me and what happened between us was really just a mistake.

All I ask is for Ben to forgive me, especially Amy. I know how in love Amy is with him.


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