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Canary Out of the Cage

Updated on October 22, 2009

She's Gone

October 5, 2009

My wife and I are experiencing our first separation.

She's gone north to visit an old female friend and I'm here at home watching the dog. Well, we are watching each other.

It's an equitable agreement. In fact there's no problem here. She simply wants to see Ms.T*.

There's not enough room up there to add two people and a dog, so "barkey" and I are staying home. He'll be good company.

She left half an hour ago and I'm already anxious and missing her. I'm always anxious when she's driving; as she is about me. If you are married or in a relationship you all about that.

While she's gone I'll busy myself by making some improvements around here that she suggested before leaving. With any luck I won't break too many things or destroy anything important in the process.

* Not her real name.

Yesterday Morning to Noon

Knowing she was leaving later in the day I made her favorite breakfast. Pancakes with real butter and warmed syrup. She didn't want any sides, but I made hash-browned potatoes, and sausage patties anyway. Of course we shared these.

Naturally, there was a lot of running around, checking the weather up there, finding clothes suitable for that weather and some gifts for her friends and the children.

At least that took my mind off of that trip for a while.

Then there was the last minute hustling around to find that bottle of water, thermos, you know all the stuff you put in the car for a muti-hour trip.

I think I checked the oil and other "expendables" on the car at least four times, maybe more. Plenty of windshield washer fluid, oil, radiator, air pressure in the tires, and so on.

What else can I check? Keeps my busy.

Last minute additions in the trunk, her favorite CDs go in the changer. Farewell kisses and me watching her drive away. Did she see me wave as she left?

Now what?

Yesterday Afternoon

She's been gone three hours now. Another hour or so to go. She'll call me when she's "landed." This is our deal. I do the same thing wherever I go.

Seems like all I'm doing is waiting for the phone call telling me she got there safe. Not really paying attention to much of anything till I get that call. Something was on the news, not sure what it was. Then there were the usual lineup of programs that we typically watch. No fun without her to share jokes with...hers and mine.

What crazy things would we both say about Letterman or his competition mocking him. Right, which of those guys will be next? Conan? Leno? Furgeson? I can't imagine any one of them having a "go" at staffers.

I couldn't even imagine Letterman having a "fling", but you know when someone has a lot of power with his/her own production company I guess s/he is all sorts of attractive. Power.

Whew! Got the Call! She's safe and at Ms. T's. Now I can relax.

This Morning

October 6, 2009

Ran to the store for breakfast goods. Made coffee for one. Not sure I remember how to make breakfast for one. I'll try. Maybe a bowl of cereal.

Took "Barkey" out for his morning walk. No dogs or cats to bark at so it was a peaceful walk. Everything seems fine, but I'm really used to sharing all this with my mate. The house is too quiet, too empty, too cold.

The bed was too big, no warmth in it (except "Barkey") and just generally not the same. Funny how quickly I got used to having someone in my life. Or maybe how quickly I gave up on the solitary life. Either way I miss my mate.

I must make an effort in this week not to slide back into my bachelor ways. Keep the place clean, pick-up after myself, make sure the toilet lid is down (don't want to get into the habit of having it up all the time), pick up my clothes and the usual stuff I didn't do when I was living alone.

I know she'll call me this morning when she's wide awake. Though I know she's got a lot of catching up to do with Ms.T. It might be later today.

OK. First things First


Cleaned the kitchen. Damn! Broke the vegetable bowl. How did that happen?

I know, it was a domino effect. I bumped a cutting board which fell against a bottle behind it. The bottle fell on the bowl and it's now in two pieces. Fortunately it was mine from before we met, but I think she liked it.

With any luck there won't be anything else broken.

Of course the shattered glass just added to the mess that had to be swept up off of the floor. Ah well. Onward and upward.


Ah my least favorite room in the house. You'd think with all the tile and lack of carpet this would be simple and straightforward. After all, a fire hose would do the job.

Spray the tub enclosure with tile cleaner and let it sit for a while. In the meantime sweep and vacuum the floor and prepare some mop water. Look around and make sure nothing breakable is "in my way." I can make short work of this area.

Living Room/Bed Room

Dust and vacuum the floors. Polish the furniture. Fluff up the throw pillows on the couch. Look under the cushions and couch for dropped items. Make sure to move everything around so I get every bit of the floor.

It occurs to me. I'm going to be done with this pretty quickly and be bored again.

Keep going.

Make the bed and dust the night stands and dressers. A good polishing will go well in here. Vacuum the floor and under the bed. "Dust bunnies" are now banished. I never can figure out where they come from.

Swept the front porch. Now what? There's got to be more to do around here!

I'm bored.

Done. For Now

Well, everything's clean. Pretty much anyway.

Sitting here writing this wondering what else I can do to stay busy.

As an old and wise friend once said when asked what he was doing while his wife was away.

"I'm like a canary out of the cage. Nothing to do but circle the cage and hope to get back in."


My mate returned five days later. Everything is right with the world now.


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  • profile image

    Paula Petek 8 years ago

    How cute you two are...I can't wait for my boyfriend to get back from cycling 10,000 miles around Australia...not til February 1st...ugh...I hate being single...I miss him...

  • LiamBean profile image

    LiamBean 8 years ago from Los Angeles, Calilfornia

    BayAreaGreatThing and kartika damon:

    Thanks. I was really just relating my last two days. Just got off the phone with her in fact. She's having a great time catching up with Ms. T. I'm doing pretty good in my own way.

    I really am quite fortunate. Now can't wait for her homecoming.

  • kartika damon profile image

    kartika damon 8 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

    I must say, I loved every word of this! You and your wife are very fortunate to love married live and love being a couple! Your story was fun to read and I loved your details!

  • bayareagreatthing profile image

    bayareagreatthing 8 years ago from Bay Area California

    That was so wonderful! I love how you and your wife are together, it warms my heart! You sound a lot like my husband...except the dusting and shower cleaning. I am not sure he would do that fearing I may go away just to get the house cleaned LOL!

    What a nice hub, thanks for sharing your day,