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Candid thoughts on Relationships by Mia

Updated on March 3, 2010

Relationships can make you or break you!

Choose carefully

 God never gives us more than we can bear..............and that is very well true..... however when he give us love and free will..........we may choose someone that gives us more than we can bear, handle, tolerate or even survive.
It is of the most importance that we know ourselves well, and what we can live with well as what we can or will not!
Forgiveness is always key....but from what I have personally seen.... sometimes it is harder to forgive ones self, and that others are giving many passes and excuses. However it is written to treat others as you would like to be treated....And I would like to be treated fairly.....especially from myself. I have now also been taught.......that forgiveness can enable others to treat one poorly and without thoughtfulness.......and at that time your forgiveness can be just between you and God!! Thus making the person(s)
completely oblivious to your new joy and power within. Freeing you to make better choices and decisions for yourself.
As adults we must take responsibility for our actions and deeds, but also be aware that just the same can affect others thoughts and needs. Compassion is basically what I am speaking of......not just the mere hug and " I am so sorry" .....but to know when you move, breath, speak or even have created a domino effect, and with no doubt, you have set stage for another moment in time....from another person.
We all have the make one smile, cry, love, hate and move them closer or further away. Now manipulation could and often will come to play.
Since we are not God, but are given his unconditional love and his mercy.....we should always keep this in mind when we are interacting with anyone.......and not use manipulation as a tool to aid ourselves..but to see the deeper need in others and to feel what is correct and just.......for them!
Last but not least in my long journey of colorful learning.........There is never a complete balance for two people....only within yourself....if you become so fortunate..... You may never compare trials and tribulation, tolerance, fear, IQ, and your personal relationship with God. For we are his snowflakes , with his beauty etching every one of us. Some are larger, some last longer, some float with elegance, others dive like a fallen star.
But we all have God written all over us, and we are his children, sometimes a bit unruly, but none the less his love and guidence is there, and when we finally meet the one that will be considered our better half.........just make sure you truly love both halves of yourself and theirs.


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    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Tis true however wouldn't be great if the truth was right on time.....everytime? That would entail others being in control of themselves and to be able to set aside their days stresses and concerns so that they could deal with possibly more. Thanks for reading and a great comment Yeshuan ! Have a wonderful day :)

    • Yeshuan profile image

      Yeshuan 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Very well said! The best way to avoid being manipulative is open honesty. Tell someone the truth so they can freely make their own choice is the only way to avoid controlling them. One must remember compassion in this. The timing of telling the truth can be as important as the truth itself.