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Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood

Updated on March 6, 2011
Home Brew for a winning result
Home Brew for a winning result | Source

Introducing Charlie's Tiger Blood

Now, with more Passion, More Pounce and MORE WINNING.

Tiger Blood goes way beyond any typical energy drink to give you the power of Two and a Half Men.  You won't find that claim on any watered down sports drink, will you?

Tiger Blood is unscientifically formulated from special extracts drawn from the deep jungles of Africa and blended together to deliver a bold new feeling in your mind and body.  It's almost like taking drugs (but its not)!  With Tiger Blood your Goddesses will love you "very long time."

When should you drink Tiger Blood?  When it seems as if the whole world is looking at you like you're crazy.  When it seems like you can't have a simple drunken orgy without critisim, that's another time.  Or, when your Twitter friends are less than 1.5 million Tiger Blood can help.

Defeat is not an option when you rely on Tiger Blood to give you the added vitamins energy you need.  Those Turds won’t want to mess with you when they see the vim and vigor you have with this refreshing drink.

For over 30 days Tiger Blood has proven again and again to keep celebrities in the spotlight and performing at their oddest.  Tiger Blood's unique additives give you a "clear path" to success at whatever you are trying to do, whether its resurrecting your dive bombing career or getting your loved ones to move back in with you.  There is nothing it can't do.

And, if you happen to be a Warlock, Tiger Blood works even better!  When Tiger Blood goes into the Warlock's system it gives them SUPER POWERS far beyond those of normal Warlocks.

So...If you're "at war" with old colleagues, friends, ex-wives, ex prostitutes,  ex drug buddies or just about anyone else, turn to Tiger Blood for a WINNING result.

Charley's Tiger Blood:  More Passion, More Pounce, More Winning.



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    • profile image

      pavlinasteve 7 years ago from ireland

      so true its so sad its so funny best exposure hes had in years (outside of the sunday papers that is)

    • profile image

      jill staley 7 years ago

      Very funny. I wonder if it really works!