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Cheating and Insecurities

Updated on December 16, 2014

Cheating is Wrong


Why Men Cheat Versus Why Women Cheat

I have always found a theme in the differences between why women cheat and why men cheat. Since I am a feminist and believe in equality for everyone, especially equality in gender, I don't want to stereotype gender in anyway, but I have found a common theme in cheating males and females. Please keep it in mind that this is not how every cheating scenario works, but many females cheat because of one type of insecurity while men cheat because of another type of insecurity. The trend that I have found is that women cheat because they are insecure about their relationship, while men cheat because they are insecure about themselves. Cheating, regardless, is unacceptable in almost any situation and it is unfair to keep a significant other when a person is being unfaithful, even if that person does have a problem and truly loves their spouse. Someone with this problem should admits to their faults and seek help immediately if they want to maintain and rebuild the relationship that they have.

Cheating and Females

The main reason women cheat is that they are insecure within a relationship. I haven't looked up statistics, I don't know what the research says and honestly there isn't a statistic out there that can change my mind. From the instances when I have seen or heard of women cheating, even if its just a peck on the lips, it has everything to do with wanting attention from another man because they feel like they aren't getting enough or any from theirs. The woman in suspect may not be treating the man fair, or may have unrealistic expectations, or maybe her man really isn't giving her the attention she deserves, but either way in her mindset her man isn't treating her right and therefore her answer is seeking attention and love from other men.

Why Men Think Women Cheat

"She's a slut" is most likely the number one reason men think that women cheat. I refuse to accept derogatory terms and since slut actually is sometimes used in a positive and negative manner these days there really is no value to the term. Another reason people assume that the woman cheated is maybe the guy isn't good enough during relations or is small where he should be big, but this assumption is made mostly by females. There seems to be a trend that results in women sticking up for other women cheating and insult men who cheat while men stick up for other men that cheat and insult women who do. It's called the battle of the sexes.

Cheating and Males

Not to be sexist, and this doesn't apply to men that are faithful, but most if not all of the men that have cheated on their spouses or partners that I know have an insecurity complex. No matter how good or bad their woman is to them they will seek other women to fill the hole that makes them feel not good enough, even if that woman only feels it for a limited time. This is why unless a man completely changes his life and changes the way he views himself, he will never change his cheating ways. A man cheats to make himself feel better, and a cheating man has low confidence. No matter what a woman does to lease her cheating man, it will not be good enough to change his ways. A man can have the most beautiful woman with the biggest brain and heart, but if he doesn't love himself he will never be able to just love his woman. A cheating man must also want to change his ways himself, and I have seen men change but I believe it is harder for a man to change than a women, because their insecurities involve themselves and are much harder to fix and more complex.

Why Women Think Men Cheat

Women think men cheat for a variety of reasons , and for a good reason. Many men make up excuses for their unacceptable actions such as that their spouse isn't sexy anymore or maybe she does not perform enough for him. Maybe the man will make the excuse that the woman is nagging him or never lets her him have fun. These are all excuses. A healthy relationship is about communication and love and acceptance. If someone is having an issue it should be communicated, and if the two people love each other their should be compromise so that both parties can be happy. A couple that is full of love for one another will not break their commitment and cheat just because of a little problem. A male cheater is almost always a serial cheater. A woman cannot change a cheaters lying ways, he needs to change them himself.

Men and Women Cheaters

Step Up Men and Women
Step Up Men and Women | Source

What to Learn from this Article

What can an individual; learn from this article? For starters, cheating is WRONG, but that is a given. If you are a cheater, no judgement. Everyone has their problems and addictions but please do not hurt someone else in the process. If you are in a relationship, fess up. Tell the real reason why you are cheating. Either ask for forgiveness if you want to get better or leave the relationship. Do the right thing. People may get hurt, but not as bad as if the person found out on their own down the road. If you do want to make an improvement, avoid going places that will tempt you, and remember that communication is key.

Remember what signs to look out for. Men, remember to always give love and attention when you can. You may need a bro's night out, which is understandable, but don't put your friends needs above yours. This is how to avoid an unhappy woman. However, if you are doing all that you can most of the time (An understanding woman knows that you can't be perfect for her.) and she still isn't happy, it's time to reevaluate your relationship. If she needs more from you then you can giv, maybe it's time for a break to think things through.

Women, watch out for men that make you seem that you aren't good enough, no matter hat you do. There is a difference between a man saying "Sorry, I accidentally kissed a girl last night because I was drunk." and "Sorry, I accidentally had sex with that girl, it won't happen again." Having sex with someone takes time and thought. Major red flags on someone who cheats and then blames it on you. Just run. He's defiantly a serial cheater.

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