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Children's Books About LGBT Parents

Updated on August 21, 2012
LGBT Families
LGBT Families | Source

Two Mommies, Two Daddies

For LGBT parents who are raising their perfectly normal children together, a few stumbling blocks may be encountered. As in any child's life, growing up a little diverse can have its difficulties, and this is no different for families with two mommies, or two daddies. The challenge is in how these loving families approach their differences when teaching their children that, "different" does not mean bad. Fortunately, for these caring LGBT parents, some very smart children's book authors have written some very smart stories. The children's books discussed below are all about LGBT parents and families, with illustrations that are simply delightful to view. The books tell stories about LGBT clans and how they help their children to discover that a family can be made up of many facets. These chosen books work to help kids understand that their family is the perfect family, even if it doesn't look like the brood next door!

Mommy, Mama, and Me

Children's Book For Families With Two Mommies

What a wonderful children's board book, Mommy, Mama, and Me is! No speeches are given for or against any ideas in this loving story, which leaves the illustrations to say it all, and they do. We just aren't certain whether the child is a little boy or a little girl. The presentation techniques of the parenting couple give the impression that they could be of dual-ethnicity. This adds an attractive nature to the book in my opinion, making it a fantastic gift for a diverse range of families (or friends). The array of mixed media illustrations—by Carol Thompson— blend quite effortlessly with Lesléa Newman’s cleaver lyrical writing. What speaks loudly to me in this book, is that no mention of any "differences" are address, which works to prove that being a little different, is not so different at all! The book gets very high marks by two-mommy families, with many of these caring parents saying their children have fallen in love with the book, wanting to re-read it many times in a single day!

Daddy, Papa, and Me

Children's Book For Families With Two Daddies

The companion board book to Mommy, Mama, and Me; Daddy, Papa,and Me receives the same high marks, and is close to being the only book of its kind! The story includes a healthy happy toddling child-centered day with two loving parents, who just happen to be, Daddy and Papa. Again, Lesléa Newman’s rhymes bring a happy upbeat feel to the story, and when aligned with Carol Thompson's colorful illustrations, this story will take children of any age or family dynamic for a fun-filled and captivating day out. Both of these books are sure to leave you and your children in a feel-good state of mind! After all is said and done, Daddy, Papa, and Me shows us that again, many dimensions are required to make the best family for each individual. It also shows children that prejudice has no place in a loving heart. A top read for any Lesbian or gay tribe.

And Tango Makes Three

True Story About A Gay Penguins' Family

And Tango Makes Three is the quintessential story to end bigotry in children's books! Fantastic watercolor-style illustrations with a less "cartoon" feel, this TRUE story centers around a male penguin couple, Roy and Silo, living at the New York Central Park Zoo (where they can still be seen today). The two penguins wanted to nest and nurture an egg together in an attempt to have their own family. After they discovered an egg-shaped rock, in true paternal form they began nesting it, obviously hatching no results. An alert zookeeper noticed this need in the couple, later substituting the rock for a real adopted egg that needed some looking after. The book is lovely and supportive, teaching children that these two male fathers raise a wonderful happy and funny little baby girl with compassion and love. The overall message of this book brings a wonderful perspective to what the perfect family dynamic can be. This children's book by authors Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell is one to treasure forever! Inspiring, truthful, and a tangible lesson in family diversity that kids, as well as grown ups, will adore! The fact that it shows us a new demension in same-sex partnering—that nature too consists of all kinds— is sure to help all who read it gain greater understanding for all kinds of families. The fact that this family of penguins has found a magical life together in spite of their trials, brings to point; how unconditional love can persevere all things.

The Family Book

Children's Book For Every Kind Of Family

Assertive black outlined neon colors illustrate the playful writing that author Todd Parr brings to the rich teachings found in, The Family Book. This delightful book shows children the vast variety of appearances which can make up a modern family. Some look very much alike, while others may look less alike. Some families are very clean, while others are very messy. Todd makes it clear that no matter how different families may be, they are all okay. He goes far reaching to detail families with step-moms and step-dads, no mom, no dad, those with adopted children, and those families that have two moms or two dads. Along with showing the wonderful differences among these dynasties, he shows us just how similar they can actually be to one another. Todd Parr puts an unapologetic exclamation point on the fact that different families exist to make a fantastic and interesting world! Because of this, I am placing The Family Book at the top of my list for today's LGBT parents.

In Our Mothers' House

A Children's Book That Was Banned From Elementary School Library Shelves

I am told that the children's book, In Our Mothers' House, had to be removed from Windridge Elementary School library shelves when a few parents complained that it promoted a "Gay Marriage Agenda". The librarian did take it from shelves, but she has also now made it available from behind the counter for those who present a note from home. Generally, state laws prevent schools from checking out books regarding human sexuality, so I can understand the school's point—as long as all other books discussing all other type of human sexuality are equally removed from school library shelves.

This story brings to light the tail of a two mom family; Marmee, and Meema who are raising their children together. It takes a serious look at how a particular neighborhood family won't accept this dynamic, calling them different—among other things. You will find discussions on unconditional love, lesbian parenting, homophobia, transracial families, and the love found among this diverse amazing brood. Marmee, and Meema's family dance together, cook together, make holiday crafts together, and all while gently teaching their children that theirs is in fact, a happy, loving, safe and welcoming home. This book is not to be missed. Possibly best suited for a LGBT family that is encountering a tidbit of prejudice in their own neighborhood, this book still remains an informative discovery for anyone. Thank you Patricia Polacco for writing In Our Mothers' House, as it is a wonderfully warm and moving children's book!

How Many Children Have LGBT Parents

How Many gay and lesbian biological parents were there in 1976
An estimated 300,000 to 500,000
How Many gay and lesbian biological parents were there in 1990
An estimated 6 to 14 million
Do LGBT parents attend parent-teacher conferences
94% of the time (compared to 74% for dual-sex parents)
How many adopted children were living with lesbian and gay parents in California in 2004
More than 16,000, (the highest number among the states)
What percent of adopted children are being raised by LGBT parents in the USA
6% of all adopted children
How many LGBT parents are interested in adopting children
Over 2 million
Understanding our LGBT world!
Understanding our LGBT world! | Source

Resources for LGBT Families

King and King Children's Book

My Uncle's Wedding Children's Book

What You Think Really Does Matter!

Would you use a children's book to help teach your child tolerence and acceptance for LGBT families?

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Are There A Lot Of LGBT Friendly Picture Books

Gay-friendly Children's Picture Books In Th USA

With a mere 80 titles (approximately) of gay-friendly picture books available in the United States, I have to cheer for those few brave commitment and dedicated authors and publishers who fought through the struggles to present us with their much needed works! Unfortunately, many of these go out of print quickly[1]. While fortunately, most of the same titles can still be found and purchased online no matter where you live.

[1]Goodman 1983; Chapman 1997

Children Of LGBT Families In Picture Books

Considering that between six to fourteen million children are being raised by LGBT families in the United States alone—with this number growing quickly as more LGBT people come out to be counted— the need to give their family dynamic a face in children's literature has become an imperative. Seeing recognizable LGBT figures and storytelling within tangible media has been absent from children's books for far too long. Utilizing this kind of medium at home or at school helps to show developing children of LGBT families that they have a viable place in the making of their society. Anything less, and we are doing damage to tiny little minds, and breaking their tiny little hearts.


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