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Choosing A Life's Path

Updated on June 25, 2014

The Big Choice

“The Guide To Finding Your Path”

Are you feeling lost? Don’t know which way to go? Life has ups and downs, twist and turns. You have to decide what path you’re going to take. Weather its starting a career or starting a family. However you decide make sure it’s what you really want in life. Don’t let other people make your life’s choices for you. Do how ever make your choices from your heart. Study hard, work hard to achieve your goals in your journey in life. Remember not everyone has a easy life. We all have a hard time. We all have easy times. No matter what choices we make.
Make a path’s choice. Career or family?

If you chose a career, deciding what type of career you want isn’t easy for some people. Do your homework. Find out what the benefits are of each career. How it’s going to make a difference in lives besides your own. Is it a career you want to spend your life doing.
If you chose a family, make sure you’re with the one you love and will spend forever with. The choice has to be the same choice. Make sure you both want the same thing. Do your pro’s and con’s. Can we have a child? Can we afford a child? Is our home suitable to have a child? There are many choices to make.
However some people chose to juggle a career and a family. Make sure it is the right choice for you.

Take the steps to a brighter future.
You made your choice in a career. Now how are you going to achieve your path’s choice?
Go to school!

  • Decide which school has the programs to offer to you for your career?
  • How long you will be in school?
  • What is the cost?
  • How will you pay for college?
  • Where your going to live while in school?
  • How will you survive?
  • Will you be working?

Take the steps to starting your own family.

  • Are you wanting to start a family now?
  • Are you married?
  • Are the two of you stable?
  • Is your home suitable?
  • Do you have a income to provide?
  • Do you have transportation?

Keep in mind it takes a lot to care and provide for child. It takes work to care for a child and the child’s needs. Not just physically. but mentally, financially and even intelligence is a requirement. Remember a child is a living human being. You cannot just expect the child to care for them self’s. You have to do your responsablity as a parent.
Good luck on what ever you chose to do!!


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