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Choosing The Right Friends

Updated on December 10, 2015

Sometimes choosing the friends that you are going the spend the rest of your life with can be stressful and putting yourself out there to make those friends can put you in a funk. Even after you've made friends, it can be difficult because you have made the horrible choice of bringing people into your life who do not love and accept you. Life can seem really desolate when you are down and out about the company you keep. Luckily, life is revolving and you can always reevaluate and recreate the group of people who surround you in life.

Put Yourself Out There

It is okay to put yourself out there. The world has become separated, but definitely not cold. Everyone is on the same journey to happiness that you are. Everyone wants a friendship that is eternally perfect, which is not very realistic, but very idealistic. If you want to make friends, then you have to be open as a person which can mean many different things. It can mean just going out to the park and finding place to introduce yourself to people or talking to people you would not usually talk to in school. It can go horribly wrong and awkward, but it some cases you can make a friend who will last a lifetime or two.

Do Not Make Exceptions

Sometimes you think that your expectations are too high, and you lower them because people are not living up to them. If your expectations are just having people around who celebrate your presence and give you good vibes then make sure those are fulfilled. Real friendship is out there for you, and you are worth it and you deserve that in life. People can be cruel and sometimes keep people around passively and not show them the love they deserve or sometimes not know that they are hurting others. If you feel like your friends are not giving to the amicable affection you feel then you need to talk them about your sensitivity towards the situation and make the strides to mend what's broken.

Connect Over Similar Interests

Usually, people who share the same interests make good friends. Bonding over doing what you love is the best feeling in the world and makes the best and most genuine friendship you can have in the world. Go out and join a sport or activity. They give a sense of teamwork and comradery which envelops you in a feeling of closeness. If you do not like sports, which is understandable, then join a club, or even make one. People will gravitate towards you and slowly but surely you will be in a more welcoming space. A few decades ago it was hard to connect with people who share peculiar interest, but the world has changed. There is a group for everything out there, all you have to do is find it.

You Are Who You're Friends With

If you notice that your friends are disturbing to be around, and they do not promote positive vibes then it is time to let them go. You can be the friendliest person in the world, but if your friends are wicked and horrible to be around then you will be associated with them. This also goes for productivity. If your friends are ambitious and creative, the it will rub off on you. Find people who make you a better person. In time, you will develop ties to the right kind of people and then you will be right where you want to be.


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