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Confidence Brings out the Beauty in Every Woman

Updated on May 26, 2018
Dana Tate profile image

Dana Tate has been painting pictures with words from childhood. She has a passion for life and a heart for romance.

There's nothing more beautiful than a strong, confident woman.

There's nothing more beautiful than a woman in love.

Nothing is more precious and this I'm sure of.

Your eyes can see it, for a woman that's cherished by her man display's... completeness.

There's a light that comes from inside her that sets her apart from the women around her.

And you can feel it; for the confident way that woman carries herself truly reveals it!

I'm just assuming, nothings more alluring, than a confident woman, in all that she's doing.

So grab a pen and take notes all you fella's out there.

You see a fine woman and you all stop and stare.

you're wondering where that confidence came from. fella's,...

find you a good woman, than shower her with your love.

The truth about love. Why staying together doesn't seem to be valued anymore.

It's becoming clear, that in these self-absorbed times, its harder for couples to make their relationship work. Marriage's are crumbling, relationships are not lasting, and everyone is wondering what the secret is. The secret is 'love. 'unselfish, unadulterated love.'

Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful, or sexier, than a person who knows that they are loved. A contagious glow transcends from inside them and sets them apart from everyone else. Loving someone means: You are responsible for that person and that person is responsible for you. When a woman feels completed it allows her to feel safe, protected and cherished... it allows her to walk in a confidence that no eye can deny.

Healthy relationships are no longer seen as important. People are not valuing their relationships as they use to. As people, we have become very irresponsible in the way we treat each other and some are no longer setting high-standards for themselves and are looking for immediate fun and gratification, This attitude can turn people bitter about how beautiful love is supposed to be.

We all have certain standards in our lives that will provide our life with a certain peace. Sometimes when we meet someone we are attracted to physically, those standards go out the window. Once the glow wears off we start noticing things we don't like; after all, no one is perfect. We then began to start nagging and nit-picking on the things we don't like but that is where the problems begin. People can only be who they are and the desire to change must come from within. Choose people who possess qualities you like. For example: If you can't tolerate smoking or drinking, then do not choose that person for a mate. Accept people for who they are the first time, if you do, it will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Toxic relationships; why is it hard to walk away?

I was in a long term relationship that turned toxic in its last year; I was devastated. I refused to understand that my season with that person was probably over and I needed to move on. I kept trying to find ways to rekindle the chemistry and fix the situation and in the end I ended up broken.

I confided my troubles to a friend one day and he asked me a question that changed my whole way of thinking. He asked me "why was I trying to fix my man?" When you love someone deeply, its hard to break away even when the relationship starts to go wrong. You want to keep trying to fix the situation or, fix them, continuing to Live in the past of the way things used to be. People grow and change over time, some for the better and some for the worst. In other words, people grow apart and if you and your partner have grown apart; its time to move on. Relationships are hard but they should never break your spirit.

Love should always make you feel whole and never incomplete. You can't fix someone if they are broken; their pain lies deeper than your eyes can see. Sometimes you can end up broken if you choose to stay in a relationship that has turned sour. If your relationship is not making you feel cherished or complete then you're no longer compatible. People, come into your life for a reason and a season, don't block your blessings in life by not understanding when it's time to let go.

How many people agree that a woman that is well-loved stands out in a crowd?

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Ladies in or out of a relationship remember you are always....


Over achievers













He who finds a good wife finds a good thing.

The bible says: " He that finds a wife finds a good thing." What qualities do you feel men look for in women?

In your opinion what type of woman is more appealing to men?

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He said... She said...How not listening to your mate will ruin your relationship.

One of the biggest problems we have in relationships today is not listening. Have you ever noticed in a fierce argument you and your partner spit out all the nasty little things you cannot stand about each other. Sometimes you're so angry you're not paying attention to what comes out of their mouth. The truth comes from the heart and soul and comes out of the mouth and not listening to your partner can cause you a lot of pain.

Although this can be very hard to do in the heat of the moment, if you understand that when people point out "negative" things about your character, though they may have intended to hurt, they have given you a gift... a gift of understanding. Its a fact that we go through life blocking blessings and opportunities. Have you ever heard:

  1. You have a temper
  2. You're too controlling
  3. You're not a good housekeeper
  4. You don't cook
  5. You're lazy
  6. You're not aggressive
  7. You're not sexual enough
  8. You hang out with your friends too much

When your partner leaves or cheats, or whatever the circumstances may be, you were never blindsided. If your partner leaves most likely they spoke those things into existence and once they got tired mentally they began to stack up reasons to leave. Once the reasons to leave out-weigh the reason to stay they make a choice.

I would be told about my temper all the time. However, because things usually were okay once things cooled down I never listened in a way where I understood it was a problem. When the relationship failed I didn't get any different reason than what I had been hearing all along which is, my temper was too much. I went through a lot of relationships that way until I realized how important it was to listen to what people saw in me. I began to turn things around and my blessings began to flow once I understood because I can't see myself people blessed me when they pointed out things I needed to work on. Look past the hurtful words in order hear what they are saying about you.

"LISTENING" is the key to long lasting relationships and a life full of opportunities and blessings.

© 2013 Dana Tate


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