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Updated on May 3, 2012

At the stroke of midnight...

I have never really been out on an actual date, at least not, what I deem or would consider a date. A date, I thought, was two people meeting, possibly sharing a meal, conversing and getting to know one another, sharing time with someone, discovering similar interests, or compatibilities, and hopefully chemistry. I have met several individuals since I found myself single over three years ago, but the individuals I have met, seem far more interested in getting to know me on a physical level, than getting to know me on an intellectual level. I have been told I am archaic and old fashioned, because I want to be ‘courted’ or dated, before I make the leap of getting involved physically with someone.

I thought, or at least my hope, is to find someone I connect with and am compatible with on more than just a physical level. I cannot possibly know or discover this upon first meeting someone, or based upon a few conversations, texts, or emails. If the person I am meeting or trying to get to know is in a hurry or eager to get to the physical aspect, I cannot help but become suspicious of their true motives. Are you, or some part of your body, on some sort of a time restraint or schedule? Are you or some part of you going to change or transform into something or someone else at a later time, other than what you present yourself? Are you so guarded, jaded, insecure, or afraid, that you are unwilling to invest a little time getting to know someone or allow someone to get to know you? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then perhaps you have bigger more important issues to contend with, other than becoming involved with someone, be it physically or mentally. In my mind, there is nothing more personal than becoming physically involved with someone, thus the reason I prefer to get to know someone first.

We all have a past, but I am more concerned with whom you are now and what you are looking for currently-presently. What are your aspirations for the future, where do you hope to be, and do you want to share that with someone? If I do not exercise or show self-restraint, or do not possess enough self-respect, that I am not selective in my decisions or choices as it pertains to my body, then how can I hope to find someone that will respect, and cherish me for more than just the physical aspects? If you are the real deal, the whole package, and all that you claim to be or say you are, then what’s your hurry? If the attraction, chemistry, and or interests are there in the beginning, then it’s only going to get better as time goes on. I know I am worth the wait; the question is, are you?


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