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Clothes Make the Woman? Ten Items of Clothing that Men Think Look Sexy on Women

Updated on November 22, 2011

What are your thoughts, ideas, and opinions?

Fishnet stockings appeals to a man's naughty, somewhat forbidden desires!
Fishnet stockings appeals to a man's naughty, somewhat forbidden desires!
For some men, Sexy is...a woman in a towel.
For some men, Sexy is...a woman in a towel.
Walking around in women's underwear.
Walking around in women's underwear.
Shiver me timbers! Costumes can be hot!
Shiver me timbers! Costumes can be hot!
So inviting, body stockings leave little to the imagination but ignite a mans desire to a new level.
So inviting, body stockings leave little to the imagination but ignite a mans desire to a new level.
Oooh la la!
Oooh la la!

Most men are not pigs, but appreciate women of any shape or size in sexy clothing. It's just the way most men think! Tell me what you think.

For a lot of us guys, clothing (and accessories) certainly makes the woman. So we think. But women are a heck of a lot smarter than we give them credit--smarter than us drooling Neanderthals, obviously. After all, we are the weaker sex--especially when it comes to getting our attention. Let's face it: We are putty in their hands. We melt. If we could get the vapors, we would!

Since none of us are carbon copies of each other, I realize every man has differing tastes. However, here are few articles of clothing me and a few of my male friends (27-62)—chauvanists all-- think look incredibly sexy on a woman:

Below, in no certain order, are ten articles of women’s clothing and accessories men find irresistible. If your taste differs, please feel free to share.

1. Fishnet Stockings. This light, alluring article of clothing appeals to our naughty, somewhat forbidden desires. The inviting temptation of fishnets against female flesh is one of man’s greatest private fantasies. Since these stockings are inexpensive, perhaps more women should wear them?

2. Silk Clothing. The clinging invitation of silk against bare skin makes men dizzy with anticipation—real or imagined. Silk is a feminine fabric and a delight to the touch.

3. Fantasy Costumes. Gentlemen, start your engines! Few things get us from zero to sixty faster than an extremely sexy costume. Whether it is a sexy pirate, a gorgeous mermaid, inviting French maid, or anything else which gets our motors running, one thing’s for sure: We wish Halloween could last all year long!

4.Anklets and Toe Rings. No other jewelry whispers a hint of sensuality more than these tiny trinkets. It is a sly nod to being mysterious and a little naughty.

5. Body Stockings. So inviting, body stockings leave little to the imagination but ignite a man’s desire to a new level. Also, they most definitely accentuate the positive.

6.Provocative Swimsuits. Water, whether in the form of sauna, Jacuzzi, or pool, can be quite sensual itself. Add your special lady wearing a swimsuit cut in inviting, beautiful ways, and you have a recipe for good, clean, somewhat naughty fun.

7.Shorts. Perhaps I am a bit biased, but seeing my girlfriend in a casual t-shirt and blue jean shorts revs up this old engine. There’s nothing more natural, down-to-earth, and downright sexy. How about your special someone and shorts?

8.Panties. For many men, including myself, nothing is as beautiful as the female shape wearing your bulky t-shirt and a pair of her panties. Each time I see my special lady in such sexy attire, I am in Heaven.

9.Tatoos. The term tramp stamp is a demeaning term. Women should be applauded for adorning themselves with beautiful symbols and scenes.

10.Nothing. Nothing ignites our primitive spirit more than a woman simply wearing a smile. I, for one, appreciate the female shape and all its dangerous (but fun) curves.

Thank you for reading one man’s opinion on the clothing and accessories which accentuate the positively wonderful bodies of women everywhere. If you offer a differing view or idea, please feel free to share. Ladies: I really want to hear your viewpoints.

Here’s to you--Brian


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