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Codesa and Justice ( My Childhood Guardians).

Updated on January 27, 2016

You may not get a second chance, be Thankful.


Codesa and Justice ( My childhood Guardians).

Codesa and Justice Guardians of my CHILDHOOD.

Nandi and Shaka, my Two Bull Dogs, what Cerebus is to HADES, I just want a crib with a yard and a Mercedes, and I am not doing it for the ladies‎.

Dreams help us measure our potential, stimulating our drives and goals.Weather our dreams are attained remains to be seen. The output of our effort, getting up, when we fall, and over coming challenges, before our happiness, circumstances.

I had puppies while my dad was on earth, I vividly remember. I was around 5 years old. We had 4 to 5 guard dogs which where in chains during the day,i could not play with them, they were locked on chains, barking at everything that moves.

Then one day there was a litter of puppies which was born. More than one dog had given birth, there were over 12 puppies, my mother was not hearing it, she was calm, yet politely passed off.

My dad bought the station wagon to the front yard and put them in the back of a green or cream Peugeot station wagon, i can not remember which one it was, we had 5 to 6 cars in our yard at the time.

I do not remember, or recall nor do I have the knowledge of where my dad took the puppies.All I can remember is that there was silence is the house hold when he got back home and it was night.
It was 1985 I can not recall the month, yet we were living in Rockville, Soweto near the alkah stadium.

That was my first recollection and lasting impression with dogs.Yet I do not recall the names of my other dogs, I know that they were vicious.

My dad passed on 1987, I was 7 years old, my baby sister Dr Bongiwe Tlailane was 6 years old.1991 my mum passed on from a long battle with acute arthritis, the oxygen tank at home in Diepkloof EXT 3 was not aiding to her pain.
We moved to stay in Fourways, Fairfield 3 months before my mum passed on. We were living in my mums younger sisters home, Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize.Hlengiwe was a senior psychologist lecturer at WITS University at the time 1991.

We had a dog named Max.He was a Bull Mastiff.When he breathed, you shivered and you would calculatingly step away from him.He was about 5 years old.(1991)
I met him in 1987, at my mums sisters house at the Zululand University‎ in Kwa Zulu Natal.That was the first time on a aeroplane me and my baby sister went on a plane, to visit during the school holidays‎.

Max, we were not allowed to play with him he was vicious.He was also on chains.My mums sisters husband Pat Gundi Mkhize was stern and principled.He was a professional lawyer and had studied mediation at Stanford University‎ in the USA.
Their home was stunning, it had so many rooms at times i would think we were in a hotel.The yard was huge, we had so much to do, yet still could not kill time, tomorrow is another day.

‎I was saw a dead green snake in the garden I got so close, I could see the flies flying over it.I called my baby sister and cousins Londiwe, Zinzi, and Nqobi to come and see, the elders told me to never ever get near a snake it is very dangerous.
I wondered at the time, what about Max, he lives outside, is he also not in trouble?I presume it was a Green Mamba.I left it at that.

Max moved up with my mums sister and her husband in 1990. How he got to Johannesburg from Durban I do not recall let alone can I comprehend.My mums sisters husband was a lawyers at the IDC in Sandton.
We all lived together at my mums home in Diepkloof, while both families my mum and her sister were building two houses in fourways directly opposite each other, that is love between siblings.There was no wall between the two properties from 1991 to 2002, when my sister turned 21 she was studying medicine at MEDUNSA. I was studying my first year in tourism at 2002.

We then got two puppies a St. Barnard and a Bull Mastiff in primary school.The St. Barnard was called Justice, he was beautiful, Male.The Bull Mastiff was called Codesa, male, he was majestic.
We would go for walks to the park, after school.
We would go to the dam for the dogs to swim.
We would catch crabs.
And Richard and his brother would catch fish.

Codesa was not an aggressive dog.Yet he was very energetic for such a large breed dog, like a Bull Mastiff‎.Other dogs would bark at him.I remember there were these Golden Collies, Sheep Dogs which used to run up and down along the wall when ever we walked past heading towards the park.

One day one of them jumped from the wall, and they came face to face.They started humping.Every once in a while she come down and get a little more from Codesa.

Once we were walking to the park, this adorable Bull Dog got out its gate, and charged at Codesa.He just pulled his chest out and stood still.I was calling his name out, Codesa Codesa, thinking shucks what am I going to say to my guardians.I had let go of his leach, terrified.
He opened his mouth once, and went for the Bull Dog, one shot.The Bull Dog pied on the concrete on the street, skwerts ‎of piss ever every where and ran crying back to his home.Codesa never charged at him, he let him go in peace.

I found it so funny. I was chuffed. in my mind, my dog was the most amazing dog in the world.I worshiped him.

One day, he was chasing the neighbours cat a black one, just as he is about to enter our home gate, the gate, the cat sneaked into the fence and he hit the wall full speed as he was trying to turn away.
He was limping.I was terrified.I massaged him for days hoping it would go way.The doctors advised they could not operate to heal him, a few years later he was diagnosed with dog arthritis.

He was never the same.Yet he got heftier as he was not as active.He had the street credentials, all the dogs that were his friends or had encountered still remembered his wit, sharpness and confidence.

Codesa was still around at home when I moved out my mums house to live in Midrand to further my studies in 2002 August, yet I do not remember saying good bye to him. He was about 9 years old.

My last memory of Codesa which still haunts me till today, is after the accident with the cat.We were swimming with the dogs, by the dam.Justice and Codesa.Yet he could not swim across to the island in the middle, as his lower legs had lost their strength.I screamed help.Everyone just looked and was also afraid.

In a split of a second I tapped Richard on the shower he did not hesitate.He jumped in.Grabbed Codesa and pulled him to shore.We were all the same age Richard was Scottish we lived in the same estate, yet he was three times our size with his two brothers.

Richard was deaf.

There are so many lessons.Life does not wait for you to mature to grasp the essence of the lessons.You may end your life, all your parents hard work, before you even get to age 16.
All I can say is be cautious.

Life is not short, it is a lifetime of memories, choose and make them carefully..

‎Max that *arsatrd a dog my guardain had after I moved out 2002. I gave him a piece of KFC in 2005 he growled and wanted to bite me. I jumped on my car and he was barking at me, when I still had my Toyota Tazz, when I was from Tara, my guardians wanted to take me back to rehab I went for an psychiatric evaluation and they let me go saying I am not a danger to my self.

Lesson, people are not the same, circumstances change.Do not make your self a victim.Some people have your best intentions at heart, some people want to see you cry and feeling empty.Protect all that you Love.

‎Ps Max 11

Codesa says he is waiting for me to get to heaven,in 60 years, he is not going to bite you, he is going to chase him around the estate of the poets for 300 years, for terrorising his loving master Nkosinathi, we Buddhists we do not burn our bridges.I had been diagnosed Bi Polar 2001 the week of my 21st birthday.

2002 I was moving out my mums home for logistics reasons, I still reside in me and my baby townhouse, i have pimped her up, there is so much more joy to come from her heritage, for my Nephew Nkgwete and Niece Baby Joyce.

2002 age 22 was without effort was the most compressing and difficult year of my life, dispute losing my dad 1987, mum 1991.The weed was not helping, suicide never crossed my mind once even after being committed 6 times 2001,2003, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2013‎.

Thank You to Honourable Arnold Lawrance, I did not become institutionalised from 2007 and 2011, Thank you Bongiwe Dr Tlailane for all you have done to improve my quality of life, I hope I have made proud.


I stopped smoking weed 27th December 2014.

1 year clean.

After 17years, start date of smoking weed 1999September 28th around 8pm.

134 Poems later 2015.Grooming.Renovated our town house.Compliance with my medication.It seems all that is missing is that good job.
The fulfilled of the ancient 1999 prophecy, when I started smoking weed, my first manic trace when I spoke to my God, Buddha after 4 years of meditating ‎and he asked me son what would you like with your life?
With our hesitation.


For my family to be cosy.To be one of 144 000 Poets when the angels are called.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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