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Commonly asked relationship questions|Relationship advice for men and women

Updated on July 20, 2012

Relationships have their own pleasures and pains just like any other social activities. Because relationship involves a person in a deepest emotional and psychological level, the pains that are inflicted through break up affects those involved in a very deeper level. On the other hand, the joys and pleasures brought about in good relationships benefits a person in deepest sense.

That being said, all relationships, be it love, business or any types at all are normally built between two parties. It is like bringing two different countries to operate under one flagship. Each party comes with its own goodies and baddies.


Why is it necessary to ask “Relationship questions”

To operate in harmony, each party needs to learn from each other. A better way to achieve this is through asking questions, learning from each other and adopting common values. That now brings us to the phrase “Relationship questions”. Relationship questions are a natural part of any healthy romantic relationship. Love is complicated even in the best of relationships and most people need a little bit of relationship advice from time to time. The problem with love advice, though, is that even friends and family are sometimes too close to the situation to give clear-headed advice. They know your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. Their relationship advice might or might not be affected by their emotional attachment.

Some Common Relationship questions

Listed here are questions that are commonly asked especially in love relationships. Provided also are some possible answers. The answers aren't conclusive. You can add to the list your own and make the experience enjoyable.

Love is in the air
Love is in the air | Source


Do you love me?

How much do you love me?

Do you still love me?

Ans: if you look at it very carefully, these three questions all seek the same answer. The most possible or if not probable answer would be “I Love you”. But how you say it and physically show it matters the most.

You can say it millions times in a day but if you don’t show it with your physical actions, then you only contradicts your words and actions. That’s not only confusing your other better half but it pushes him/her away from you. Sincerelytell him or her you love him/her and back that up with your actions.



Question: What is your balance (referring to bank account?

Ans: This question indirectly asks questions your financial credibility. Honestly tell him/her about your financial status. If you are married, he or she does have a fair bit of right or if not all the right to know your financial status. This guarantees him/her financial security in your relationship.

Extended family
Extended family | Source


Do you like my family?

Ans: This question is asked as a matter of one trying to prove your past reactions against his o her family. Don’t try to pretend and say you like his/her family if you haven’t been doing that. Be Honest with him/her about your feelings. If you don’t like his/her family, ask him/her to suggest to you some way you can improve on that. I am sure he/she wouldn’t resist the temptation to show you how you should find a way around to like his/her family if you do really love him/her.

Couple in bed
Couple in bed | Source


Do I satisfy you in bed?

Ans: They say, above all good things in a relationship, sex is the glue that keeps a love relationship intact. May not be true in your relationship. There’s very high volume of on-line and off-line literature documenting the reasons for failure in relationship. One that tends to top the lists is intimacy. If intimacy dies in a relationship, that relationship is literary dead. Intimacy in most cases refers to sex.

I am sure some couple have enjoy their relationship with no sex at all. But most would rather enjoy a good sexual relationship with their lover.

Id this question is asked you, don’t rush to answer. Take time and look back to the past few years and reflect on your sex life. Do you enjoy sex just the same as you did when you dated>

If not, ask him or her to for a discussion as to how you both can do better in bed.

Home | Source


Do you like living here?

Ans: This question is more or less like asking for your opinion about how associate with those that that live around where you live. He/she just wants to know if you like living there or not. Just be honest and tell him/her why you like or not like living their

Sports | Source

Social activities

You don’t seem to be enjoying sports (NB: could be any other social activities) like you use to be, what do you like doing these days?

Ans: This question tries to refresh your memory on the good days you use to have when you started dating. Answer him/her with an answer that talks about something you both have done together. Say you normally used to go and watch football and you used to enjoy it. She doesn't need an explanation as to why you stop going out with him/her

Your answer is to go out with him/her. Little things like this can ignite the fire and passion in relationship.

Church | Source


Can you join me on church service on Sunday? (NB: Could be any other religious activities on any other day).

Ans: This is more like invitation. To go means not only attending that activity but also showing to others that he/she has a partner who cares enough to drop whatever he/she is doing attend to his/her request.

If you refuse, you should have a genuine reason both of you will accept. Try not to come up with genuine reasons every time he/she asks you out. He/she will eventually figure out that all those genuine reasons are make-up reasons. This can be detrimental to your relationship on the long run.



Are you comfortable around my friends?

Ans: This question tests your trust. If you aren’t comfortable being around his/her friends, say aso and you both find a way to solve it.

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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 6 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      @alocsin -Glad to know you and thanks for commenting

      @Alecia Murphy - Taking a realistic approach in relationships goes along way in building a true relationship. Appreciate your comment

      Mardi - Thanks for commenting. Really appreciated.

      Top day all


    • Mardi profile image

      Mardi 6 years ago from Western Canada and Texas

      I like the honesty approach. Too often people tell those "little white lies" to go along with their girlfriend or boyfriend then begin to resent the issue when they in a more permanent relationship.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I think this is very realistic Ian because I think a lot of relationships fail due to not being persistent with asking these kinds of questions. While not everyone has the same concerns at the same time, they help serve as a guide to see what can be fixed and what is working. Great hub!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      These are questions to ask constantly throughout a relationship. Voting this Up and Useful.