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Communication – How About a Love Note

Updated on September 22, 2010
Leave Them Something Special
Leave Them Something Special

 I love you today…

Thank you for your kindness…

I had a wonderful evening…

You’re the best…

Let’s meet later…

I miss you…

I never want to be without you…


Have you ever thought of these sayings after your loved one has left the house? Here’s a nice loving trick. The night before put a little love note wherever you know they will look once they get to work. What an incredible feeling it would be if you were having a rough day with everyone on your back. Whether you work in a office or work at home; just when you are at your breaking point you go to check your calendar you left in your bag, when you pull your book out there is a little love note attached that says, “It’s all about us, I love you.” You’re able to take a deep breath with a smile on your face because you know there is one person that no matter what has your back. You can smile to yourself and no one else knows where you got this burst of energy to continue where you left off. This is a great communication tactic without even talking.


You could have had some sort of misunderstanding the night before; you tried to explain why you reacted the way you did. However, your thoughts did not come together like you wanted them to, so instead you think of a love note to put your thoughts together on paper which may explain your action much calmer than you did. Your loved one comes home much happier because they had quiet time to read and meditate on your words and now they get it.


Communication is more than just talking. A love note can serve many purposes. It can explain, soothe and show thoughtfulness. Communication comes in many forms. Of course, we always want to use the tool of talking; however, a love note is such a nice and considerate tool to use.


Think of how many times there was something on your mind you wanted to say and was too embarrassed to say it. A  love note would have been a nice touch to show someone that you do care, even if you couldn’t say it, it shows you thought it and it was still conveyed to the intended.


Try a love note and add a little needed spice to your relationship by letting the one you love know it with a note left at a time when it is most needed. Put your thoughts down on paper. Thoughts that can be talked about; talk about those, but everyone loves a little mystery and that can be communicated by those thoughts written down on a little love note. Try it and watch a smile show up on that special persons’ face.


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    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

      Love notes are brilliant along with any other little ways of saying 'I love you'. Great hub I love anything to do with love and romance. I am so pleased I found you.

    • profile image

      Jenine 7 years ago

      This is great advise! I never thought of this before. I like when you can read a blog that makes you really think about things in a new light and gives you practical suggestions for your daily dilemnas!