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Communication Issues.

Updated on May 21, 2017

Is conversation truly that hard to do?

Well in today's world we have so many kinds of technology. We have some to help spot abnormalities in the human body, we have some to play music and movies then we have some to help with communication from people around the world.

In days past it was alot more difficult to communicate, maybe someone had to travel in order to send a message or maybe it was just impossible to find the person they wanted to talk to.

But not in this generation no. We have Facebook, Kik, Skype, Snapchat and hordes of other ways to send some messages. However there is a problem I have found that resides with the more newer generation of kids and teens. Conversation. Humans are a rather social group of animals, nearly everyday we talk or meet with somebody. Could be a neighbor, maybe someone in the family, hell it could even be a pet. Problem is though that many simply cannot talk in a normal fashion. Conversation is not a hard thing, certainly not as hard as Calculus. It is simply to or more beings coming together and talking about random topics. Could be music, games, movies, what you had for dinner, how much you hate your coworker Johnathon. Anything. Yet many a times I have come across an individual that for some reason or another has problem with a conversation.

Take a small gaze around the room you are in, chances are there is some stuff lying around. Maybe a book, some dirty clothes, some trash that needs picked up. You can most likely think of near fifty things to talk about that's in your bedroom alone, that is unless you live in an empty cell with absolutely nothing but four walls and a ceiling. In any case I am sure there is something you can see. The world can be talked about, your past or somethings you are willing to share. Conversation's take two too keep going, if one person is just sitting around not saying anything in return then it isn't a conversation more of you just standing around talking to yourself. I know cause I do that quite alot. Anyways.

"Yeah, okay, same, cool, nice and what." Those are basically the main comebacks to anyone I have tried to speak to. Many say they don't like to talk or something along the lines of that, for one you wouldn't be talking you would be texting. It is simple. You type what you wish to say then press send, Voila, you are having a conversation.

Common courtesy of a conversation is took keep it going. If you have started the chat it is your main job to try and find ways to continue the conversation, simply saying the words previously stated are in no way a good thing to use in a conversation. Ask some good and thoughtful questions. "How was your day? Anything fun planned for the next few weeks? Why don't demons bleed black blood?" Thought provoking questions you know.

I believe that in the future we will constantly have more and new apps and such to use to talk to are friends and family. I wish to hope that as the days go by and more people enter these apps that they begin to learn that in a social environment talking correctly is key and I will say this. If the person you are talking to sends what I previously listed as bad conversation material, politely leave. Because if your anything like me you hate slow and non fruitful conversations.

A good way to learn what is good for a conversation is too look back at your previous ones, see which of the multiples ones you have had were filled with good material. Some people do not like to talk about certain things while others do, a little difficult to find out what to talk about sometimes yes but just look around you, the world is filled with things to talk about, go outside and look around for a minute. The trees, the flowers, the sun or the sky. The people or animals, just take your time and you will find something worth while to talk about.


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