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Compassion ( mercy and being cautious with your gift of life).

Updated on February 14, 2016

Compassion ( mercy and being cautious with your gift of life).


Compassion ( mercy and being cautious with your gift of life).


Being cautious.

Calculating your every move.

‎Being strategic even when weak.

Planning the path to materialising your dreams, the road to success‎.

Being aware of the thoughts that drive your motives.

What motivates you?

Are you driven by fear?

Do you fear failure, which will stop you from. acting on the execution of your purpose.

How do you react when you are faced with obstacles?

Do you you retreat from confrontation?

Do you rest, when you have done your best?

How do you deal with your challenges?

What do you do when you are faced with obstacles?

Compassion:Knowing g the value of self.Which is harvested with time.What you have seen, your childhood, what you have been exposed to before you have the will to make your own choices, shapes your personal drastically.

What do you know about kindness?How do you cope if you are sweet, in this brutal, cunning world?Where do you draw your strength from?What are the seeds of your compassion?Do you believe love is enough, could it heal pain within the memory of the past.

What are the values of compassion?


Questioning situations for absolute clarity and understanding the maginitude of the impact and ramifications of the situation, weather you stand to loose or come out a better person.

Can compassion. help you conquer all you are faced with daily on earth.

I believe compassion gives you perspective, helping you cope better with situations.Compassion not only contains rage and anger yet it can cure depression, with the aid of medication, grooming, and a adequate support structure.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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