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Compliments Never Go Out Of Style

Updated on August 7, 2019
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It takes less than 10 seconds to light up someone's day. Take those 10 seconds.

Spread Love Every Chance You Get
Spread Love Every Chance You Get

Faulty Filter

When it comes to compliments, I am absolutely positive that my filter is broken. Generally, this phrase would imply that a person is unable to stop themselves from saying negative thoughts… But I must have been created from a different mold.

My faulty filter comes into play with positive thoughts. When I see something beautiful or unique, something I like for whatever reason, I have to vocalize it. It just comes out without a second thought. Why? …Why not?

"Your eyes are beautiful!"

"Your child has the most incredible laugh!"

"You are rocking that outfit!"

"Love your hair!"

"Your work is incredible!"

"Your energy is amazing!"

"You should be so proud of yourself!"

If you think it, SAY IT. No matter who is on the other end, receiving the compliment. Whether it's a family member, friend, acquaintance, or complete stranger, one unexpected compliment can create the most scintillating ripple effect.

Spread Love

Random compliments are one of my favorite things. How great do you feel when someone randomly gives you a genuine compliment? Have you ever seen another human’s face light up when they unexpectedly receive a random compliment?

I once watched someone choke up and become teary eyed after receiving the smallest random compliment! Literally ten seconds of vocalized kindness was enough to overwhelm the recipient to tears. How beautiful is that?!

I promise you, it’s worth the two seconds out of your day to say whatever positive thing is on your mind.

Most people have no trouble vocalizing complaints they have on a daily basis, right?! So why do we struggle so often to vocalize our positive thoughts? Why does kindness make us so uncomfortable if we aren't familiar with the human we are delivering the kindness to?

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Whether it’s a stranger or a loved one you see every day, if you think something positive about them, for goodness sakes SAY IT! We all have a million and one stressful, negative things running through our heads each and every day. Be the reason someone gets to stop the chaos of life and smile, if even for a second.

Here’s the catch though… I dish out a lot of compliments, but I have refuse to give compliments I do not whole heartedly believe. Fake compliements are merely a waste of time for everyone involved. If it’s based on a lie, it’s tainted, completely defeating the purpose in the first place.

Look for things you truly like and don’t hesitate to say it. Whether it’s a physical trait, personality trait, something related to work ethic, talent, whatever… The more you look for things that put a smile on your face, the easier it becomes to find them. And the more you pass out meaningful compliments, the easier it becomes to step out of your comfort zone and speak up. So really, you're benefiting yourself while benefitting others!

The right compliment can change someone’s world around, including your own. So go out and do your part to make the world a little brighter today.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jessy Lee


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