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Concoctions Of Placebo Love.

Updated on October 22, 2009

Concoctions Of Placebo Love


I have kissed

the lies that you
have whispered

in the guise of true love.


It mattered little

when your fibs
slipped past my ribs

to graze my soul.


For I too was

lying with you,
and it was the

blissful friction that made
truth out of the fiction

of your eager touch.


But it is in the

wee hours when you
are lying with another

that my breath
is smothered by

the absence of what's real.


Then I wallow in

the shallowness

of what we share,
becoming aware of

a cold and bitter

puddle of tears.


It is then when

I question the reasons
why you give substance

to the treason of your heart,
and I script an unheard

rant of angry words
that never pass my lips

under the spell of you,
as lies become once more

your warm and vibrant flesh.....


......when once again

we mesh as questions

flee my mind,
on how deceit,

could ever be so sweet
and why must it

always be so kissable?"


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