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Congratulations on Your Wedding, A Poem

Updated on October 14, 2015

I found this poem from my sister a while back, and in retrospect, (after 29 years of marriage), I occasionally find myself reminiscing of those days before my marriage.

Now I look at my vintage wedding gown and try to remember my wedding, it's a bit foggy but all I know is that, Yes there is more to married life and we both still live with each other day after every day and love every minute of it.

Before you put on your wedding gown and exchange your sacred vows

I feel I must remind you of what the married life allows.

Now take it from someone who's learned to cherish and obey,

Which certainly was a challenge if you'll recall the good old days.

Our shopping sprees at Water Tower and lunches as D.B,'s

Our flirting down the Avenue and on the I.C.G.

Now, surely these are just a few of your single life endeavors and

Though they might not seem like much, you're trading them forever.

Of course there is more to married life than what people seem to think,

there's everything from making love to scrubbing bathroom sinks.

There is the cooking that we won't mention and the laundry that can wait,

But, the bills that piled up this month are now already late.

Still, we understand, you met a guy who stole your heart away, and

feel that you can live with him day after every day.

So, as your single life comes to an end and your married one begins here

is one more nite you'll have to remember with your friends at Bennigan's.

And if after everything I've mentioned, you say "I'm going thru with this",

Then there's nothing else I'd rather say but,

Congratulations Sis!!


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