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Cork The Cost on Wedding Wine & Champagne Costs

Updated on October 6, 2015

Wine, Champagne & Tradition

Everyone knows that a champagne toast is an old, established wedding tradition but champagne is costly. Everyone also knows that it’s an elegant touch to serve wine with dinner. But how do you cap wine and champagne costs at your wedding reception so that you don’t break the bank? It’s easy. Just cork the bottle!

Before we start, let me say that many catering properties, hotels, clubs, etc. include a champagne toast and wine with dinner with their “wedding packages”. Check yours to see if it does. 

Calculating Wine & Champagne Cost

Figure on two glasses of wine for dinner per guest and one glass of champagne per guest (for the toast). To save money, serve sparkling wine instead of champagne; no one will be the wiser. 

There’s five glasses in a bottle of wine; six glasses in a bottle of champagne.

If you plan on 100 guests, you would tell the caterer to open 37 bottles of wine and 17 bottles of champagne. NO MORE. That’s called a “cap”. 

Tips for Success!

* Choose wines and champagne that the caterer or property manager suggests are the best value for the money.

* Since you’re not sure of your guests’ wine preferences, do an equal split between white and red.

* Include this information in your contract along with the names of wines and champagne served, cost, and the cap.

Visit Deborah McCoy:

* Knowing liquor costs upfront will save you a ton of money in the long run. Never give a caterer or catering property cart blanche when it comes to purchasing wedding reception liquor.


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