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Couples Faking Happiness in a Marriage

Updated on April 6, 2017
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Love is rare when its true focus on the happiness and love you have for each other.

Be loved truly or give it up


Fake Relationships

Fake Love and True Love

A marriage is commitment where two people fall in love and take a step to make a change in their lives freely.

The marriage becomes unhappy when these two people stop communication.

What are the signs of fake love and marriage?

Are you in a real marriage or just faking it?

You need attention in a marriage that's if you have a true marriage.

It is easy to manipulate your partner. You pretend to love your partner by making the scenario look real when actually it is not.

Faking your laughter and emotions to make the other think you really love them is an act from someone with a poor character.

Some people just want something from that partner or is the codependent one.

If you want a real marriage, communication is key to that good and healthy relationship.

The moment you feel your partner is a stranger to you that shows bad communication.

Being disconnected from your partner physically and mentally doesn't show a real bond it shows separation from each other.

What is true love and fake love in your marriage?

The one who loves you unconditionally is the one you can count on always, and you can say that you have true love with that person.

Though the person you choose to be with, ''till death do us part,'' is not always a trustworthy.

The fake love is with that type of person.

You have trust, a match-made in heaven with someone you have honesty and love with, so being with someone like that is rare, and that is true love.

Every time you chat to your partner you hesitate that relationship is not for you.

Sometimes couples stay together to use that relationship to be attached to their partners. This happens when a partner won't leave for insecure reasons.

They feel afraid to move on and that nobody else will want them.

It is a big world out there, and meeting new people is an experience to meet new goals and to be happy again.

You feel uncomfortable in your relationship and stay for the wrong reasons.

Without bonding you don't have a relationship that is true and honest.

Feel pure for your partner; faking your happiness is not sign of good health for you both.

Your heart must be into the relationship to actually feel something for your partner. Your lack of touch for each other allows for disconnection and unhappiness.

Faking your actions for each other doesn't allow for true feelings for one another instead it allows for making the marriage a crumbled one.

You feel happy when you are together and want to show off your love with your partner, but when you constantly kiss and touch your partner in the presence of others just for the sake of making others see you have a happy relationship, which is not a good sign.

You tend to please your partner and make your partner feel doubt free.

For example:

He married her at a late age, and provides for this woman. They fake their happiness, in the presence of others. He rubs her shoulders, and occasionally she kisses him to make others think their marriage is perfect and fulfilling. It is obvious that these actions are not true.

Behind closed doors they are unhappy. She forces a kiss on his lips to make the moment look good in the presence of other people.

Money keeps them together without his wallet she won't live her fancy lifestyle.

When two people have true love and happiness they don't behave different behind closed doors and out in public.

I believe that if two people have true love and happiness, they have the same behavior whether in public or behind closed doors.

Sometimes couples just need each other for different reasons. His heart beats faster when he sees the other woman that is temptation to be with that other woman.

He is happier when he sees the other woman, which too is a sign he is not happy in his marriage.

Special times are spent with special people and truly loved ones.

You have false love when you feel better spending too much alone time.

Trusting your partner is not always easy. You try to love each other but deep down there is a lack of a trust.

So, love shows you the true meaning of trust. If you don't have true love trust won't come easily in your relationship.

The connection between two people falls apart when love is not there.

You can't be with someone you barely love.

Doubts drive you apart and you shouldn't be in that marriage.

You form a relationship before marriage and once you married everything else builds up gradually.

Have you been in a fake relationship and didn't know how to get out of it?

Fake marriages without knowing it causes you unhappiness.

The relationship seems to be perfect and good.

The fake relationship leads to marriage and is soon discovered through the unhappiness of one of the partners.

Some fake relationships don't get into the level of a marriage due to the lack of all aspects used in a relationship poorly.

You are not always sure of your partner.

Feelings are insecure and in fake relationships partners exaggerate their love for each other.

Special moments are rare and not memorable.

Communication is rare and a fake relationship is a mirage.

Love is there and is disappears.

Your partner is not loved through all times together is when you are in a fake relationship.

Emotions are less and passion is none.

In a fake relationship partners can't do without each other, and in true and happy relationships partners mean everything to each other.

So, when two people can't do without each other that shows attachment and are in a fake relationship.

You think your partner is the perfect one and think of your needs before his that is fake love.

You want to spend your time with your partner and it is not just a few hours. All the time!

You have become infatuated with your partner quickly.

Jealousy comes between your relationship.

Fighting constantly and compromise is not accomplished easily.

Acceptance is great when you have true love.

Your partner's needs come before your needs.

Time spent apart is approached freely. You don't mind your partner being away from for a short period.

You fell for your partner but slower than your partner had for you is a sign of true love.

One trusts their partner with no doubts.

You grow together in all paths of life, and appreciate one another.

You fall in love with someone and accept them for who they really are.

Do you think love is rare?

Fake relationships are mostly about showing off love for one another in front of others. This is to show jealousy and possessiveness. Love when is true, is rare and not the showing off kind of love.

Partners are chosen and for different reasons.

The most important about any relationship is to be happy, to trust, one another and to love each other unconditionally.

You can compromise easily if you have an understanding of your argument. When you fail to understand your communication with each other the relationship becomes harder.

You need to have an understanding to one another, to be loving, and caring toward your partner to get the same treatment back.

Love truly!

You can't fix yourself by breaking someone else.

Fake Love

True relationships

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© 2017 Devika Primić


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