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Creating charm

Updated on April 5, 2010

Advice on creating charm

You are irresistible just when you find life irresistible to you, when you love each and everyone and are thrilled with life’s challenges. That attitude gets reflected from others too, you kind of drag them along to a good way of living. But how to come about this? You must let go of rigid patterns of life and open yourself to new possibilities like most do when they are about to go for a holiday. Catch that mood and let it be your guide to how to live your life, how to approach the things in life and how to be social. But be quick witted in this and pay especially much attention to when it works well and at which moment it has ceased to be effective and when it goes totally ashtray. Since if you are too slow, you start the right way but then continue along some old habit of yours and end up pouring your good will upon others who are stuck on their own habits without you getting anything in return. You ought to keep the thrilled mindset all the time. It isn’t anything fixed, it is like being born anew each moment: “Oh, it is like this… And that! And there is! And there!...” Each new thing which catches your attention gives you strength, each enjoyable experience is kind of fuel that keep you going. And in that it is important that you do not overdo anything, just go with the flow of the situation without “putting it to a box” to repeat, to continue or to give to others – just let go and enjoy life, that way you can endure forever! In social relationships you have to see what is a good way to live for both of you, kind of seduce the other one to the right kind of good times and then just enjoy the thus found entertaining life together.


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